5 The Best Online Marketing Tools Which Are Widely Used

Anyone who wants to earn money on the Internet, can not ignore the use of different online marketing tools. Every clever entrepreneur does not try to be dependent on a single online marketing channel, so he has to manage various channels optimally. This is often impossible without the help of special online marketing tools.

In the following summary, we present you with many tools from the different sub-disciplines of online marketing, such as SEO tools, keyword tools, e-mail marketing tools, SEM tool, and social media tools, with which you can optimize all channels and can work efficiently.

Specialized digital marketing tools are essential for online marketing professionals today to manage all sub-disciplines. The focus is on the Internet and more and more specialists are needed. However, many companies do not have the resources to allow one person to take care of each section, so few people can efficiently work on different areas using easy-to-understand online marketing tools.

In the following article, we give you a very comprehensive overview of online marketing tools. For some of these tools, we have already added a detailed test where you can get more involved in the tool directly from us. Use our reviews to simplify your decision-making as more and more of these tools are felt to be available month after month.

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  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a service for managing mailing lists and sending e-mails.

You are offered many tools to collect mail subscribers. For example, freely-definable forms that can be easily integrated into your websites or an API for adding more mail subscribers.

The service is also very well-known for the high compatibility of the sent emails with most e-mail clients (Gmail, Apple Mail or Outlook, etc.). This always ensures that your e-mails look exactly the way you want them. This is possible because the e-mails are designed directly in the login area and a corresponding preview ensures that the ad is correct.

MailChimp is thus a high-quality and important online marketing tool, as e-mails are still a widely used means of communication. Both in B2B and in B2C they are part of everyday life for many target groups.

  1. Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog is an online marketing tool that allows you to do world-class on-page analysis. With the help of the Screaming Frog, you as a website operator can gain a good overview of your internal link structure, outgoing links and other on-page data (headings, metadata, 301 redirects, etc.) and thus eradicate the sources of error and thus the visibility of your website improve in the search engines.

The Screaming Frog allows you to crawl 500 URLs in a free version. Of course, even larger websites can be optimally analyzed against payment. The tool is not a tool that is used LIVE on the Internet but is usually installed on your PC. It is installable for both Windows and Mac users.


  1. Majestic

Majestic SEO is a very high-quality backlink tool, with which not only the current backlinks can be checked, but also lost backlinks can be viewed.
In this way, you can of course also research many new link sources for your own link building through the detailed analysis of competition pages.
Already in the free version, the described online marketing tool can already make its contribution to high-quality SEO optimization of your own website. In addition, there is the possibility for you in one of the cost-mandatory versions to drive a lot of high-quality competitor analysis, evaluate and use for your own strategy.


  1. Uber Suggest

With the free tool Übersuggest, you can get even more out of Google Suggest, the search suggestion feature of Google. The online marketing tool combines your entered search term with all letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 0 to 9 and delivers the top ten search combinations. Each suggestion can be clicked on and deepened even further.

With Übersuggest, the web service for advanced search suggestions, you can get an overview of the start of a project in order to find desired search term combinations. That’s very helpful for a start. However, if you need additional information about the search phrase and want to know how big the search volumes are, you will not be able to get around tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Termexplorer.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends graphically displays the demand for individual search terms. Both the timing and geographic clustering are central. As the name implies, it’s about trends and not absolute numbers like the Keyword Planner. Terms can not only be entered individually but also combined.

Google’s online marketing tool is designed to help you identify seasonal trends in keyword research. So, which search term is googled frequently in which months or other periods. The graphs clearly show the search trends over the selected period of time. Absolute numbers do not matter, but only relations.

Especially revealing is the visualization of the regional distribution of the entered search term. You can see at a glance in which countries of the world the search term is especially popular. This makes the tool especially interesting for online marketers with an international orientation. Anyone researching “only” in German-speaking countries can also quickly find out whether it is worthwhile to operate targeting for Austria or Switzerland beyond Germany. Last, but not least, Google Trends provides you with thematically related keywords for the search term you entered.


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