8 Ideas To Arrange Trophies & Medals At Your Home

8 Different Ideas To Arrange Trophies & Medals At Your Home

Winning a trophy is such a wonderful experience and we all wish to have it. Only those get an award in the form of a trophy who put their best efforts to achieve it. Winning a trophy brings a smile on many faces associates to the winner.

Ways To Arrange New Trophies At Home

If you are having a lot of trophies and medals that truly creating a mess as they are not in an organized manner, then you must try these below-mentioned trophies and medals ideas at your home. Let us check it out all about it in a great manner. 

1. Put Your Trophy In Glass Oriented Shelf

Make your trophies and medals look stylish along with keeping it away from dust and scratches by putting them in the shelf covered with Glasses. The online and offline market is full of a wide array of amazingly stylish Glass Oriented Shelf that you can buy to place all your trophies and medals nicely.

2. Install A Shelf Along Your Ceiling To Arrange Your Trophies Out Of Reach

This is one of the best options to go ahead and it will sit well with your huge collection of trophies and medals. Moreover, it would not hinder your daily job at all. They will remain a bit out of reach so that would easily be in the arranged manner. All you need to do is installing a floating shelf in case if you are not already. To install it near the top of your ceiling to place trophies to keep them out of reach also keep remaining on display. What you need to do is measure it sophisticatedly before installing. Taking measure of your trophies means you would not have any issue while placing your trophies. 

3. Give Your Alcove A Nice Look Decorating It With The Nice Lights And Your Trophies and Medals

Are you having any alcove in your wall? You are lucky enough since you are having an ideal place to put your trophies to be there. If this alcove has not been used for a long time, you must go with this idea for sure. Saying would not wrong that it could be a great sport in the context of displaying trophies. You may also go-ahead to install a bookshelf in order to give that specific corner a lovely look. You may also go-ahead to add some other things to lift the beauty of the corner.  It will look truly nice if you make that alcove space decorated with lights, it will look truly nice and amazing to see.

4. Display Medals Using A Curtain Rod Or Nails. 

You may place your trophies going in various ways. But when it comes to medals, most of us run of the ideas. The best thing is that you can display the medals going with curtains rods or nails. This ideal will look nice only if you are having a large collection of medals. All you need to do is simply install a curtain rod on the wall and do hang all your medals in the way you want. Talking about the next idea, you may go ahead to hammer nails into a piece of wood and hang all your medals in a beautiful manner. This way also helps you to choose the ideal size and space you actually require.

5. Ways To Arrange Old Trophies At Home

If your trophies have got old and you are contemplating the best ways to use them again then you have landed at the right place. Saying would not wrong that it is the most asked question among the people who keep winning the trophies putting their hard work. You should not get confused anymore. All you need to do is go with the best options, which can actually help you to reuse your old trophies. Let us check it out more about it in a detailed manner.


6. Paint Your Trophy

Your old trophy might not have been looking good in their looks. What you can do them if you still want in your living room to feel proud every time you see it? You may go ahead to paint them matching to your interior. You should stop getting confused since many options available in the market. All you need to do choose your favorite shade and get it colored. It will look amazingly beautiful and lovely. You may even decorate wherever you want since it would look the same as the new one. Do check these below-mentioned images to see how beautiful these painted trophies have been looking. 


7. As A Stationary Holder

Yes! You got right that you can use big size trophies as a stationary holder. It means you can use them in two ways. First, it would be turned up as a decorative piece and secondly it would work as a useful accessory that you can use to hold your valuable stationary. All you need to do is decorate beautifully. 

8. Get It Framed 

Did you find your trophies quite old? Is it hard to survive anymore? You must take it to a professional who is good at doing the things in to get framed. They can suggest to you the best ways what they can do with it to make it look beautiful and go longer. The nicely framed trophy surrounded with the decorative glass looks amazing. Moreover, it would not look old anymore. It will enhance the beauty of the place wherever it is placed. 

9. Prepare A Flower Cup 

Do you love flowers in your house? How does it sound if your trophy and flowers create a lovely combination? Yes!!! You can create a lovely flower cup to enhance the decoration of your house.  What you need to do is collect the giant cup and used it as a vase. It is time to put some water in it adding the fresh flowers so that your room will keep smelling fresh and good. You do not need to go ahead to add any other changes. It will look amazingly beautiful and lovely. 


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the ideal options as you find suitable accordingly. 

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