CISSP Certification – Five important reasons to say yes to it

The 21st-century professional world is challenging and dynamic. Growing and established companies are in the lookout for expert and trained individuals. From time to time there’s mention of certification courses to earn professional excellence. One such name is the CISSP certification. If you’ve heard of its benefits and want to opt-in for it, you need to know what CISSP is all about.

Understanding CISSP

Simply put CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a professional certification that authenticates an individual’s competence in information security. The CISSP vendor-neutral certification is the best credential for individuals with in-depth managerial and technical skills, credibility and experience. They can design, implement, manage and engineer the total information security program for securing companies from the malicious security attacks.

There are several reasons why aspiring IT students and professionals should be opting in for this. A few important reasons are as follows:



  1. It is worldwide recognized

    CISSP credential is authentic certifications for a lot of professionals. It is respected worldwide by several international majors such as IBM, P&G, Google and many more. These companies vouch in for the fact that a CISSP certification course stands for an IT professional’s know-how on information security. It also symbolizes the commitment they have towards their job and the company they are employed to.


  2. An old and valuable certification

    CISSP is one of the oldest internet security certification courses around the globe. It is taken to be the master of every IT certification, and it has developed through approximately three decades. Today, this certification course offers excellent expertise and knowledge to those who want to be trained at it.

  3. Lucrative salary

    Based on a study conducted by Global Information Security and Workforce, the majority of the CISSP professionals employed globally have a high salary. They get paid 25% more than professionals who don’t have this certification. Based on the reputed surveys conducted worldwide, the CISSP job profiles rank 4, on a scale of the 15 best paying jobs in the world.

  4. It is essential for chosen roles

    Have you been searching the internet for a while for IT jobs? If yes, then you must have come across organizations that mention CISSP certification as one of the basic requirements of the job profile. There are many reasons for that. A CISSP certification program holistically prepares a candidate to manage the information security landscape dexterously. They can handle any threats that might occur to a company’s IT infrastructure. In fact, you want to do advanced courses on information security, CISSP is a foundation for it.

  5. Recent trends favor CISSP expertise



Recently, the IT landscape has come up with interesting trends. There are the cloud computing applications, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), big-data driven solutions and many more. It calls in for the need of a CISSP certification. It helps a professional to look at the security loopholes and also manage large operations in challenging and risk-driven environments.

There are more reasons for which you need to say yes to a CISSP certification. However, if you are still in doubt, you can count on the pointers mentioned above and take a wise decision.

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