Easy Guide on How to Use Instagram Stories

Most businesses after creating their Instagram business page often ask themselves the question – how should they post a good Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories are a fun, interactive and creative way to reach out and connect with the targeted audience.  The good news is creating an Instagram Story is simple, and this post is a simple guide to teach you how…read on to find out!

Step 1 – How to create Instagram Stories?

  • Open Instagram
  • Tap camera on the top left-hand corner
  • Choose the format options at the bottom of the screen – Normal, Superzoom, Rewind, etc
  • Tap white circle at the bottom to click the picture – for videos press and hold this white circle

Tip- Take vertical shoots to provide maximum screen space as possible.

Once you have created your video or photo, the next step is to help the targeted audience find you. This is where the role of hashtags comes into play.

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories

Hashtags are indispensable on Instagram. They help prospects find your business and increase инстаграмлайки for posts.

For adding hashtags –

  • Create video or photo
  • Click on Aa icon at the top right-hand corner and see a cursor in the middle of the screen
  • Adjust the cursor- the right size, color, and location.
  • Select # and write word or sentences without space and select return to create your hashtag.

Tip- Instagram permits you to use 30 hashtags for every post; however, do not use that many. Experts in the field of Instagram and social media marketing suggest you use 5 relevant hashtags for your Instagram Stories post.

Add location to an Instagram post

Adding a location to your Instagram post increases visibility, engagement and reach.

If you want to increase the targeted audience in a specific location, adding a location will fulfill the task. For adding a location-

  • Create video or photo
  • Click on folded smiley located on the top screen. A wide assortment of stickers open.
  • Tap the sticker option for Location and choose where the video or the photo was taken.

How do you add a sticker to Instagram Stories?

Stickers make the content interesting. They go the extra mile in making content more engaging. The steps for adding a sticker are-

  • Create Instagram video or photo
  • Tap the icon of the folded smiley on the top of the screen to see the sticker menu
  • Choose any sticker; you can make it larger or smaller by pinching on it so that it moves anywhere on the screen. When you have got the right size, click on the sticker and see a pin button appearing on the bottom of the right-hand of the screen. Click on it to add the sticker to the post.

These are just some of the basic steps that will help you create an Instagram video or photo for your Story. Use Instagram Stories as much as possible so that you can connect and reach out to your audience with success!

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic. She also visits инстаграмлайки for getting more likes on her posts.

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