Essential Blog Subscription Options You Need To Add Right Now

When you are a blogger in this generation, there are certain subscriptions that you need to have while working in the industry. There are tons of advantages of having a perfect subscription box where curated services and contents are available at our doorstep. Now that it is the trend of the subscription boxes, there are a lot of subscription boxes these days. Hence, there is a lot to choose from.

To help the other bloggers from the confusion, here are some of the essential blog subscription options you should know right now. You can chill after reading this because it will leave you completely decided on what subscription box to choose.

  • PushEngage for Browser Push Notifications action

You can reach your readers and active subscribers in real-time when they push notifications for your website. Apart from that this subscription can work for WordPress, BlogSpot and all the other platforms of blogs. You can see that this is the most popular subscription which is done by all the bloggers to help them reach out to their readers. It is a free plugin and you need to pay anything for it. It also won’t take much of your time and only about 5 minutes to configure the whole thing.

  • Feedburner

Another great subscription option, it is a Google product and is a great accomplisher of what it promises. It offers feed subscription-like email subscriptions and feed subscription options. It is a great alternative to GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. This plugin again is free to use and is very simple too. There is an unlimited amount of subscribers for this Feedburner.

  • Social Media Follow- Twitter

You see any famous and popular blog; you will know that social media platforms like Twitter help in gaining more followers. Therefore whenever you are posting a new article on your blog, don’t forget to tweet it with the blog link below it. You can be happy that you can drive a lot of engagement using hashtags.

  • Social Media Follow- Facebook

If Twitter is one giant in driving traffic, facebook is one of the best. It has more than 1 billion active users and it can drive loads of traffic. If you are looking for building some great social media presence, you need to work on Facebook. Create an influential page and get going! You can subscribe to apps such as Buffer that helps you to auto-publish.

If you are multitalented, then you should go for video marketing n Youtube. Youtube is the best way to get free traffic. You can post a video about your new blog post and the subscribers of your channel can read it redirected by Youtube. You can rank your main page via Youtube and this works only when you are uploading the videos on Youtube.

  • Social Media Follow- Pinterest

This whole app is a great place to find ideas and discover various blog sites. It is one of the popular social networking brands and you need to place your blog in there. It works great for how-to tips, fashion related, facebook, twitter, and other comedy or humor blogs. The key is to use the best set of clickbait images to attract the users to your pin and they click on it. This way, you can drive more traffic to your blogsite.

What is the basic idea of having subscriptions?

The basic idea of a blogger subscription to these plugins and helping software is to make things easy for them. When they start building a huge reader and subscriber base, it is these subscriptions that help you manage things without any delay. Apart from that, everyone should receive updates on social websites. There should not be many subscriptions too that confuse the websites when they see lots of buttons just below the title of the blog.

Moreover, when you are having quite a number of subscriptions, consider subscription management. It will help you figure out with the subscription buttons and there is overall growth of that blog community.


Hence, these are a few subscription ideas you can do for your blog. Be careful of what subscription options you do Afterall there should be some effective subscription management too. You also need to assess the current change in the trends. Any new addition of subscription should now cause a problem to you, in fact, it should benefit you.

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Apart from that, the SEO criteria of Google keeps changing so much that it has become very essential for every blogger out here to utilize the power of every social media platform present here. Let us know if you have any other subscription options in mind that could be shared. Please let us know in the comments!



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