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Packaging can vary in colors, sizes, designs, weight, and dimensions, but in the day they all should prove useful.

Useful can mean a lot of things; having a perfect size, visual appeal and or topnotch finish. But, the packaging experts believe every box should do more than just meeting requirements. That’s how you can have a perfect box for your prized product.

Though marketing channels can provide your product with some excellent exposure, packaging reaches 100 percent of your customers. The packaging is the first thing your audience comes in contact with and you certainly don’t want it to leave a bad impression.

So whether you deal in cosmetics or other beauty products, packaging gives you the perfect opportunity to build a strong relationship right from the beginning. A truly perfect box boasts the following features:


The packaging is the first possibility to sweep your customers off their feet. Why?

Unboxing is an ideal tool to make your customers happy and spread the word about your product. The intriguing design encourages customers to take snaps with your box and post them online. That said, it doesn’t mean that your packaging should be extravagant or extremely colorful.

A creative design with light color tonality can work wonders for your business. Custom cosmetic boxes, like the ones designed by The Legacy Printing, can dazzle potential customers with its simplicity. Because towards the end it eventually falls down to creativeness.


The durability of cosmetic packaging is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today.

Make sure to opt for materials that can withstand external effects and aren’t too heavy at the same time. This will keep your products safe during storage and transportation. It’s important to be careful about the shape and weight of your product. Of course, mailer boxes are perfect to ship smaller products but branded cosmetic boxes might be a better choice if your beauty product requires special treatment.

So before you place your cosmetic boxes wholesale supply order make sure your packaging will match your item.

Brand Messaging

Your cosmetic box packaging must convey the brand message.

Brands all around the globe are using this medium to tell their stories. Think of it as a way to communicate with your customers. For instance, if you leverage eco-friendly material to craft your cosmetic boxes, you can surely highlight it by printing the eco-friendly logo on your packaging.

In the same way, you can use vibrant colors and chic design to stand apart from the competition with an innovative and crazy box. Or you can opt for a minimalist design that clearly displays your brand message and tell customers why they should pick your product over others.

In the end, you have to make your customers aware that you’re paying heed to every detail.


An ideal custom cosmetic box packaging secures your product. But isn’t it obvious?

Yes, but not all cosmetic packaging boxes are created equal. Safety is one of the key features of perfect packaging. Because nobody wants to wait for a product and finally receive it broken.

Thus, it’s critical to know the exact size and weight of your beauty product to choose an appropriate material and design. Else, your packaging box will not be able to entice customers.       


There are boxes that look astounding due to their innovative design.

But it is seen that often irregular shapes are created at the cost of functionality. And there is nothing worse than having an irritating box that is hard to open. Boxes that aren’t intuitive proves to be a high risk for the business as well as sales.

Packaging also influences how your customers see your brand and the product. Nobody wants to waste their time unnecessarily. You can find several amazing easy-to-open concepts that can quench your thirst for the perfect cosmetic box.


All the aforementioned features have equal importance.

For example, if a box is visually captivating, successfully conveys your brand message, but doesn’t keep the contents of the box safe it fails to fulfill its purpose. So before ordering your next batch of cosmetic boxes make sure to double-check all the above-mentioned elements. As it can save you from making a costly mistake.

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