Start a Business with no money

How To Start A Business With No Money

Money is the only fuel of any commercial activity. Its absence spoils all the plans and makes the attainment of goals difficult. But circumstances are perhaps more powerful than money, they decide when the currency should be available to you and when you will be empty-handed. In that case, starting a business can be a task as huge as a mountain.

However, dreams, desires and targets cannot wait and sometimes you need to start a journey without even the basic resources. Just like starting a business no money.

WHAT??? Is that even possible??

Of course, this sounds crazy but somewhere it is possible if you work on the related possibilities.

Saving – THE Saviour

You know what; nothing can be more reliable than your own efforts. In financial matters, little investments of yesterday, support your today and investments of today feed your tomorrow. Savings are best in this concern. In the last few years, if you have gathered some funds then they can be the initial capital for your business. Obviously, a grand amount is not necessary for the early stages, it is just the starting, why not use savings as the game-changer.

If in past you did not save enough then start doing it now. If there is no urgency of any particular season or reason, then wait for 6 months, gather a satisfactory amount of money.  Delay is not a bad thing if the time taken is invested for preparations.

Ask from family and friends

Not all the people around you are close to your heart but some are there who can listen to you to actually understand your concern. Why not tell them about the idea of business and ask for some financial help? Forget not to talk sensibly, they should not get the feeling that you are just doing an experiment backed by some foolish fantasy.

In fact, do not restrict yourself to asking for money only, practice your plans with them and ask for their feedback. A second opinion sometimes helps a lot in removing flaws and improves the master plan for something important.

Apply for a small business loan

You like it or not but at some point in time, this becomes vital for every business person. Maybe not today but tomorrow the need for funds is sure to become big enough to demand the support of extra funds. There are plenty of options in the mainstream as well as direct lending. However, if you are looking for a little flexibility due to a certain situation of yours, the latter one is a more practical solution.

Direct lenders provide business funds to even those who have some credit score issues or any particular financial condition. if you run out of money, a small business loan or bad credit loan such as can be a good solution in London, UK. This is just an example, for your individual situation, you can search for the related loan choice.

Arrange the required equipment for free

If you need any equipment, try to arrange it for free. Your uncle, friend or any place where the equipment is acting useless, make a request to borrow it for a while. Once you start earning, you can either start paying for it or can even buy it. On initial stages, you have to do some hard-work if money is not there with adequacy.

There are also several websites that provide access to free equipment and furniture for your business. Example – reyooz , this website facilitates reusable stuff. Find more such options, at least you can start the business with them. Something is always better than nothing.

Start with whatever you have

If you find every hope turning useless and despite every effort, no help comes then start with the available things. Make office in one of the rooms in your home, use the available furniture, for papers use the blank side of the leftover pages at home. Explore every single possibility. After all, these are the managerial skills, which you will need every now and then to troubleshoot problems in the future. This can, in fact, provide a great practice for future situations.

From Steve Jobs to Richard Branson, the names did not gain the spotlight attention in one night. They too had their own nightmares and crossed the hurdles like any other normal human being. Your part of problems is yours only and they can find a solution only in due actions.


The above suggestions are practical and do not demand many efforts. However, the sky is the limit when you start exploring the possibilities for business. Never stay restricted in stereotypes, extend the limits and feed creativity. Do not miss to do extensive research, it is the biggest support and helps to find out new ways.

Use a maximum of your skills, in fact, start a business which is just an expansion of your own skills. This reduces the need to recruit human resource to perform tasks. A person who is good at handling machines will be doing a foolish thing if he starts the jewellery business. He should only get into the business related to machines. Recognise your expertise and carry on with the same then half of the work is done.

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