Invest your salary in the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit to earn big

As a salaried individual, your source for income generation is not limited to your job. Your savings enable you to invest in lucrative avenues that bring in profit. Typically, it is recommended that you invest surplus earnings in both short and long-term investment options.

This helps you plan and fund goals with ease while keeping your financial wellbeing in check. Additionally, depending on the type of investment, you can significantly grow your wealth at virtually no risk. One of the top risk-free investments that are popular in India with good reason is a fixed deposit.

If you’re thinking of ways to bolster your finances, consider opting for a market-leading fixed deposit offering. To help you understand how it can work for you, here are the benefits of investing your salary in the high-earning Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance.

High-interest rates efficient at combating inflation

The Bajaj Finance FD offers interest earnings of up to 8.95% for senior citizens and 8.60% for regular investors for a tenor of 36-months or more with payout at maturity. When deciding where to park your earnings, opt for issuers that give you higher ROI and the Bajaj Finance FD rates do just that.

Bajaj Finance also lets you benefit from renewals allowing you to get an additional 0.10% interest every time you reinvest. Use this feature and the high-interest rates to your advantage to combat inflation through the power of compounding. Here is an example of how this FD earns you incredible returns in due course.

Consider you’ve invested Rs.10 lakh at 8.00% for 3 years on simple interest. At the end of 3 years, you would earn Rs.2.4 lakh as interest. However, considering the same variables with compounding interest, you would earn Rs.2.59 lakh. This difference becomes prominent as you keep on reinvesting the amount. This way you can enjoy incredible gains when you start your investments early on in life.

Fixed interest rate guarantees returns

An incredible beneficial element of fixed deposits is its fixed interest rate. This means that right from the time of investment until the end of the tenor, you enjoy interest gains at the same rate regardless of market fluctuations. Owing to this factor you can accurately plan your finances with full certainty and very few investment options allow you that privilege. Furthermore, the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is extremely competitive and you can be assured that every interest rate revision will be passed on to your investment, making it reap higher returns over time.

Flexible tenors to help you accurately plan for financial goals

Another great feature of this FD is a flexible tenor. You can choose a tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months with interest payouts of your choice to cater to your needs. This flexibility in combination with the FD Return Calculator plays an invaluable role in your future planning as it accurately computes your earnings. This information can help you reassess decisions and make necessary financial amendments to your investment folio.

Additionally, Bajaj Finance also lets you benefit from the special tenor scheme. Here you can invest for just 15 months and get a special rate to benefit from. This scheme also allows multiple interest payout options and is best suited for those with short-term financial goals.

Risk-free investment

An exceptionally important element of the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is its safety and credibility. This FD has the highest ratings by both CRISIL (FAAA) and ICRA (MAAA) assuring you that your investment is in good hands. Bajaj Finance has an impeccable track record as these ratings are only given to those issuers who deliver on their offerings.

All of these elements play a key role in helping you with smart investing. It is important to pick an offering that assures you high returns while remaining safe. Certain issuers may lure you with a ‘better’ deal but have subpar security ratings making it a risky investment. Be vigilant and wise when it comes to your earnings and you are sure to enjoy maximum returns. To get started and make the most of high Bajaj Finance FD rates, fill out the online application form and get in touch with a representative to invest for financial security as soon as possible.

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