The Comparison of lives at The Hostels and The Paying Guest

Whenever one shifts to a new city or place for any of the reasons be it professional or educational, the most common options are pg and hostels. Pg has various terms and conditions like signing an agreement whereas no such conditions are there in a hostel. But pg is considered to be safer as compared to other options. A number of factors are to be considered while looking for pg in marathahalli for ladies. Some people prefer pg over hostels and some people love hostels. It all depends upon the choices and likings of the people. The various points of broad comparison between both have been highlighted as:

Basic safety: PG is considered higher in case of safety as compared to hostels. One needs own locks in a hostel and one needs to take care of all the belongings themselves only. Further one must bring all the things one needs whereas in pg all things are the responsibility of the owner.

Shared kitchen: One has to cook on own in the hostels whereas there a number of pg’s which provide meals to the students. This helps them to save a lot of time and students can utilize the time on more productive things.

Common rooms: One may not feel comfortable and relaxed in common rooms of the hostels and one may require peace of mind which can be found only in a pg. Pg’s provide full peace of mind without any tensions and responsibilities, all work is of a landlord. You just have to pay and relax.

Washrooms:  The washrooms of the hostels are not as clean as compared to the pg. Life at pg is better as compared to life at the hostel. There are common washrooms in hostels which makes the things worse and unhygienic especially for the girls. So the preferred option is pg.

Cooking: In a hostel, one has to cook on own but in pg meals are available. One can even go with the homemade food or can have the option of ordering from outside. Life at pg is considered more relaxed.

Wifi: Usually hostels do not provide such facilities to students whereas pg does provide wifi and ac to students. This will help them to focus better on studies and to devote quality time to studies.

Power outlets: The pg will obviously have more outlets in comparison to hostels. In the era of electronic gadgets, one needs power outlets. In a hostel, everything is on sharing basis but in pg one has the liberty to use the outlets as per own wish.

Rentals: The pg has less rent as compared to hostels and is considered safer due to the agreement signed between the student and landowner. One can even sue him for retaining the security deposits. This all is not possible in case of hostels.

Cleanliness: Usually hostels are not clean and have the issue of timings which is not there in a pg. One can go at any time and can leave anytime without any restrictions.

So one must go with pg in Bangalore Maratha halli in order to live a stress-free time and with peace of mind.

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