The Metzeler Cruisetec Motorcycle Tire Review For Information

Cruising has changed as riders demand more from their bikes. Today it’s not good enough to show off your straight-line muscle, you want to corner, lean in, and charge out of the curves. Until now there wasn’t a tire that could handle it. Modern cruisers were eating the rubber at a crazy rate. Metzeler saw the writing on the wall and got heavily into the R&D to build a better tire. And they have delivered.

Bikers, behold the Metzeler Cruisetec. You can find it where you buy discount motorcycle tires or your local bike shop. Put it on your Harley Road King or Indian Scout Bobber and you’ll never want to leave the open road. It gives you the straight-line stability you need with the steering precision you crave on the curves. Check out the specs:

  • High silica compound and enhanced tread pattern to promote chemical grip on wet roads
  • H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph, V-rated for speeds up to 149 mph
  • Tubeless
  • The dual-compound rear tire provides lateral and forward grip
  • Extended groves in tread pattern improve control when leaning
  • Fronts range from 16 to 21-inch diameters in a wide variety of sizes
  • Rears are 16 inches with one 17-inch size

Long Life to You and Your Tires

It’s tough to build a tire that performs the way you want and lasts longer than 5000 miles. Metzeler discovered a way around this problem with dual-compound construction in their rear motorcycle tires. They found the perfect ration of soft shoulder to a harder center compound to give your heavy cruiser the support it needs while providing a more flexible ride. Here’s more good news:


  1. Cruisetec has a performance-oriented contour with a more consistent footprint on the leans.
  2. The front tire tread pattern has converging grooves combined with diverging extension grooves for improved grip and instant turning response.
  3. Soft shoulder compounds have silicas and plasticizers for a quick warm-up and better grip in wet and dry.
  4. A lower cord count with stiffer cords means the tire conforms to the pavement better.

Yeah, But How Do They Ride?

Like a dream. Your big cruiser will feel sportier and more responsive on these tires. When braking you can expect stability without zig-zag and a strong feeling of connection to the pavement. Entering and exiting corners is smooth and stable and transitions are effortless.

This is thanks to Cruisetec’s high-curvature contour. This gives a slightly reduced straight-line footprint compared to other V-twin tires, but it allows for quicker side-to-side transitions. The curvature gives you a longer tire life, too, and better tire wear.

If you like taking your cruiser out for more than just a Sunday ride, you’re gonna love these new tires. They put corners and curves back into play for everyone. Make sure you’re fully rigged before heading out. Helmets, gloves, jackets, and motorcycle tire repair kits should all be no-brainers. Even the best tires can’t save you from being stupid on the road, so go online today and get the gear you need to have a great time.

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