Top 10 Mobile Business Apps for Android Phone

With the advancement of technology in full swing, it has become critical for businesses to be able to provide standard services while multi-tasking operations on-the-go. Businesses need to address customer grievances in real-time.

Thanks to mobile app development companies, there are customized products to help businesses meet expectations in an extremely friendly manner.

Coming to Android, with a platform as huge and popular as this one, it offers business apps with the power and flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime. Here are 10 best productivity business apps for business owners.


Top 10 Best Business Apps for Android Users :-


  1. Business Card Reader Free – Business Card Scanner



To a business owner, business cards are very important. There must be hundreds of those little paper cards from partners and random people you meet every day but do not throw them away because of the possibility that could come to use someday.

With Business Card Reader app, you can scan those business cards. It automatically detects the name, phone number, email address and any other data on the card and saves to your contacts.



  1. Google Keep – Notes and Lists



Google Keep ‘keeps’ your thoughts, appointments, screenshots or even quick sketch of your business ideas saved on your phone with just a click. You can even access your data from your PC later on.



  1.  Google PDF Viewer



Google PDF Viewer is a lightweight, easy app that you will need one day. It helps your read pdf documents with clarity. Save the PDF file in the cloud and open it whenever the need arises. The app fits almost entirely on your screen and loads whenever you open a PDF.



  1. Truecaller



Truecaller can be a breakthrough for business owners if used wisely. The app automatically detects who is calling you and tells you if the number is a spam number. It also lets block calls manually or blocks fake calls altogether.



  1. AirDroid



AirDroid transfers all notifications from your smartphone to your PC. This way you can get email or SMS push notifications directly on your desktop. You can view your phone screen, remotely control it on your PC and even transfer files without any cable.



  1. MSN Money



As an easy-to-use stock quotes app, MSN Money gives you the latest business news, stock info, personal finance, market updates and market quotes. You can make your watchlist and stay on top of news with real-time updates.



  1. PayPal Mobile



PayPay is a very popular gateway for businesses to send, receive, and access money from almost anywhere in the world. With PayPal, all money transactions are protected via. Purchase Protection making it extremely user-friendly and safe.



  1. Evernote



Evernote is a note taking app that comes with various third-party add-ons and a lot of features. Apart from storing images and taking audio notes, you can also clip web pages on the app. You can share your notes with co-workers.



  1. Google Drive



Google Drive is a cloud-based storage ecosystem by Google. It offers 15 GB free storage, easy sharing, and effective business files management. You can save and edit files in real-time.



  1. Skype



Skype is a popular communication app used by businesses across the globe. It offers group chat facilities, allow easy meetings via. both audio and video calls with multiple people at the same time.



As the Android platform is changing the course of the way we handle businesses, these apps are making it possible to manage teams, records and share files and make decisions even on the move.

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