10 Most Demanded Courses in the USA

2019 can be an excellent year for pursuing a career of your choice that can offer you brilliant employment prospects. It has been noticed that the healthcare sector has been dominating the list of leading career options and courses in the US. Advances in medical research and technology are responsible for creating limitless job opportunities.

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  1. Computer Science: This is obviously a much sought-after course these days because it has maximum prospects in a digital age, a world dominated by cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things. Digitally-skilled graduates are always in demand and this explains why courses in computer science will never lose their appeal.

  2. Master of Science in Statistics/ Master of Mathematics: Both mathematicians and statisticians are in huge demand as these professionals are needed in many industries like engineering, healthcare, marketing, finance, business, research and even sports. Statisticians will determine the data that is needed for addressing specific queries. Careers under mathematics will include computer programming, computer designing, finance, insurance, engineering, environmental science, astronomy and economy.

  3. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists can treat a variety of illnesses and injuries using physical methods like exercises, heat treatments, massages, etc.; these are used together with drug treatments. So, physiotherapists can work both in the government and private sectors.

  4. Economics: This course will not lose its charm because it helps students use scientific techniques to test hypothesis. They can then produce models for predicting future buying patterns. The degree will retain its popularity for those keen to pursue careers in the world of production, transfer of wealth and ecommerce.

  5. Master of Business or Computer Science, Cyber security: In the last year itself almost half a million cyber security jobs were vacant in the US, according to a report by Forbes. This shows how important it is for students to understand the value of enrolling for such a course. Businesses of all sizes will remain vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks; so, the demand for qualified cyber security specialists will not decline.

  6. Master of Science, Health Care Administration: Since the medical systems in the US are quite complex by nature, they need qualified healthcare system administrators called medical managers. These professionals are meant to ensure that all moving parts of this system work hand in hand so that patient care is timely and efficient. You can get an advanced degree within two years; certification and licenses would be needed for sectors like nursing homes.

  7. Bachelor of Computer Science, App Design: This works like a gateway for numerous job opportunities. Everyone depends on app usage for conducting business, medical appointments, shopping, entertainments, etc. So, there is a continuous demand for app designers. The UX designers will make sure software, apps, and websites on different devices like smartphones run smoothly. A good design will demand consumer research, visual design and behavioral psychology skills. Students keen to take up this course need to have strong programming skills.

  8. Liberal Arts: This is different in different colleges and can include psychology, languages, history, art history, philosophy and literature. When you enroll for courses in Liberal Arts you can customize the courses as you go.

  9. Visual and Applied Arts: These courses include media, theater, architecture and design, art and film, music etc. These are popular as they allow students to enter satisfying careers of their choice and get employment in a variety of jobs because of their skills.

  10. Engineering: This continues to be one of the leading course preferences for students in the US. It is a practical degree and there is a variety of jobs to choose from. You can enroll for civil, electrical, mechanical or computer engineering.

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