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As a Udemy Instructor, you’ve taken all of the efforts into making one of the best online course there is in existence! You have scoured libraries of books just to ensure that you have all the information correctly and cited properly. You spent dozens upon dozens of hours to create ingenious, engaging and entertaining graphic designs that would disseminate the information you want to share. You even went through all the trouble of asking yourself the question, Thinkific vs. Teachable? 

However, it would be very soul-crushing when you find out that there are barely any students. You spent all of your time and energy creating a really excellent online course but when you have a faulty marketing strategy, you would not have the success that you are really desiring.

Here are some tips on how to advertise your online course so you can get the optimal earnings from it.

Promote Your Course On Your Blog

As a udemy Instructor this is vital!  Blogs are online, informational resources that can really direct a huge amount of online traffic towards a website. A blog can generate a huge amount of following so when you post your online course on your blog, you already have an audience that you can count on.

Writing articles about the topic and creating a reputation as a credible source of information would be a great precedent as most of your followers will consider you reliable and thus have a higher chance of buying your course.

Online reputation is an intangible factor that you can’t put a price on. It is hard to build a reputation for people who you don’t physically see. You also have a limited number of ways to impress your audience. This means that whatever you are doing, it needs to be perfect. A single grammatical error can lose you a lot of audiences.

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Start An Educational YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best benefits that the Internet has given to us. A video-hosting and sharing website, YouTube allows its users to share whatever video they have. 

One of the main uses of YouTube is instructional videos. Just like with blogging, you can create an online reputation as a reliable source of information. By uploading educational videos, you can make a name for yourself.

From there, you can include links to your online course. If your viewers think that you’re a great teacher then chances are they will buy your online course. Promoting your online course through your videos will also increase your brand awareness.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook has become the biggest social media website in existence. With over 2.5 billion users and counting, Facebook has allowed its users to create smaller communities within the community. You can join relevant public Facebook Groups and advertise your online course from within. Socializing with some members will also ensure that you are not considered as a nuisance advertiser.

When you join these Facebook groups, don’t be that member that just advertises. Join discussions and try to heavily contribute to the discourse inside the group. This will also allow you to show your audience that you know your stuff.

Try Out Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites have billions of active users. Because of the sheer amount of users, companies have been given an avenue to advertise their brand. This is, of course, possible for a small fee.

Take the time to learn how to properly advertise on huge social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Craft your advertisements so that you spend money only on relevant leads.

When advertising on social media websites, your ad should be creative, engaging, and has the ability to get the attention of someone in an instant. You will be competing with so many distractions on social media so it is crucial that you immediately take your audience’s attention.

Upload A Free Preview Of The Course

Uploading a free preview of your online course will generate the hype that you can jump on to persuade students to buy your course. A free preview will allow interested students to try your online course out without having to shell out the money. Make sure that you leave a link at the end when your students decide what they want the full lesson. Your students will surely thank you for the free preview.

Partner With Other Online Course Creators

If you are just starting out as an online course creator, it is understandable that you would not have the following that you would probably want. One thing you can do is to befriend other online course creators and ask them to promote your courses. When your course and their course are relevant to each other, kindly ask for a shoutout. More often than not, they will be generous enough to say yes to your request.

Create A Mutually Benefiting Relationship With Universities

Given that your main target market is students, you should hit them where they congregate the most — at universities. One of the best ways to do this is by offering discounts for your courses to Universities. In return, they would promote your courses to their students. This is great as University-recommended courses are considered almost like a course material in the syllabus that is needed to pass the subject.

Offer An Installment Plan

Majority of students have a limited budget. Because of this, interested students may not be able to but your course immediately. Letting your customers pay for your online course through instalment plans will allow financially-struggling students to still avail of your service without heavily affecting their budget for that month. A 3-month and 6-month instalment plan option will greatly increase the number of students who can afford your online course.

Answer Reddit and Quora threads

Reddit and Quora are online websites that have evolved from Yahoo Answers. These are online platforms that allow its users to ask questions to the public and then have it answered by so-called netizens (citizens of the net).

By creating an account and answering threads that are relevant to your field and the citing your online course as a source will act as free advertising. Be subtle when it comes to citing your online course. When users think that you are just there for advertising purposes, you will immediately lose the credibility that you have gained. 

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