Top 10 Education apps for Android Phone

Your phone is almost always with you. Therefore, using it to learn something new every day simply makes good sense. So, when it comes to mobile apps on the Android platform, there is a diverse range of education apps tailored for everyone, from kids to high-school students to college graduates. They can help you exercise your mind, expand your knowledge or even organize your coursework. Of the huge plethora, we have settled for these ten best education apps for Android. Have a look.


Top 10 best learning apps for Android


  1. The Great Courses



The Great Courses is intended for college students. The app offers lectures from professors chosen for their ability to teach. They cover college-level courses like literature, history, business, math, music and cooking with visual aids. You can either download or stream their courses online.

Download The Great Courses


  1. Amazon Kindle



Amazon Kindle covers every topic that you can think of – from a large assortment of reference guides, self-help books, textbooks to how-to books and more. You can read them online, download or even buy them. It more than traditional learning apps but at the same time is delightfully old school.

Download Amazon Kindle


  1. Udacity



As a serious education app, Udacity offers free online courses on hundreds of different topics that you can choose from. You can enroll in a nanodegree where you get regular coaching, feedback from industry leaders like Google, Facebook, etc.

Download Udacity


  1. Udemy



Udemy happens to be one of the pioneers of bringing education to the Android platform. Today, it has over 32,000 courses spread across topics like science and technology, foreign language, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, health and fitness, music, cooking, and photography.

Download Udemy


  1. Coursera



Coursera is undoubtedly one of the best online educational apps out there. It boasts of having one of the largest subject databases on the platform. The app offers both video and tutorial options for students. It also offers credentials from universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, etc.

Download Coursera 


  1. Google Play Books



Google Play Books is another popular app in this category. It offers a wide selection of educational books, and guidebooks to make learning easier and feasible. Speaking of subject matter, you will find books on different genres like fiction, non-fiction, comics, etc.

Download Google Play Books  


  1. LinkedIn Learning



LinkedIn Learning is a comparatively new addition with professional courses (office skills, creative skills) and tutorials for students who wish to learn new job skills. The UI is kept wonderfully simple and perfunctory. The app offers Chromecast support, offline support and playlists to name a few advantages.

Download Linkedin Learning  


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  1. PhotoMath



PhotoMath is all about math for high-school students. The beauty of this app is it uses phone camera with infused OCR technology to read equations from images and gives you the answer. It shows the step-by-step procedure so that you learn how to solve the problem.

Download Photo Math


  1. Learn Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary with Memrise



Always wanted to learn a new language? Memrise should be the perfect app for you to brush up on a language. Simply choose a language on the app and it will take you through various words and phrases and test you on the grounds of aural recognition, definitions, and spellings.

Download Memrise  


  1. TED



TED is a teachers’ app. It is aimed for teachers to stay updated on new things and share them with students. You can bookmarks articles to read them offline, share with friends, select favorite categories, sync with your TED account and gain access to thousands of playlists with subtitles on the platform.

Download TED


Hope these #1 education apps work fine for you. If you think we missed your favorite apps, tell us in the comment box. Happy learning!

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