Types Of Trade Courses Available In Intech Institute Of Technology

Engineering courses have been famous throughout Australia today. Skills required for becoming an engineer is undoubtedly high, and we are forced to become associated with advanced courses that help us in the enhancement of our level in the professional world.

Therefore, many such engineering courses has been prominent among youngsters today.

One such aspect includes trade courses in Australia that require immense knowledge and dedication. The educational element deals with manufacturing engineering-metal and similar industries related to tradespersons work. Such engineering courses help in developing qualification and eligibility to get employment in the respective field. Since multiple trade courses are available at Intech Institute of Technology, most of us might get confused in choosing the appropriate course we need for a better future.

Diploma of Engineering: Advanced Trade

It takes a student roughly 105 weeks to graduate in this field. We would need this qualification to work as an employee, the area of advanced engineering tradesperson – level II. It is often associated with various industries such as metal, manufacturing, and engineering.

Technically, the official work of mechanical engineering tradesperson is to provide a range of facilities concerning mechanical work in manufactured parts, subassemblies, and even machines. They repair and maintain many systems using high-quality tools. Indeed, to obtain this job, one should have specific qualifications.

Eligibility and requirements

To become a student of Intech Institute of Technology, an individual has to pass the entry requirements first. At first, the student should be Other enough. Other than that, they should also have proper linguistic and numeracy capabilities at a greater extent.

Learning system

Most of us would be learning many critical subjects that might include engineering measurements, computations, statistics computations, graphical techniques,  application of OH&S principles,  quality system and procedure, interaction with modern technology related to engineering and much more. We will be taught on the subject matter of learning effective techniques on the concerning field.

Job requirements

An individual practitioner should have appreciative skills in various aspects including commissioning, fault finding, modification, installation, assembly, design, manufacturing, testing, servicing, and maintenance of machines or any electrical or mechanical system. We might be able to deal with automated systems after effortlessly working hard to get the diploma.

Certificate III in engineering fabrication trade

If we wish to develop a career in maintenance and repairing of metal products, this might be the right choice for us. The fabrication engineering tradesperson is responsible for dealing with metal and related electronic products. We will be working hard to mold and repair the metal parts while applying the coating at the same time. For that, we need to have a higher qualification in the concerned field.

Eligibility and requirements

Technically, the student should be mature enough to apply for this course. In short, they should be 18 years old and above. On the other hand, individuals should have linguistics and numeracy capabilities, just like the previous course.

Learning system

Most of us will be learning subjects to examine the specifications of material requirements. We would also deal with fabricated parts concerning metal products and allow the processes including hammering, heating, spinning, molding, spinning, bending, shaping, rolling, and cutting.

Job requirements

While finding a job after we get the certificate, we would be able to find employment in various sectors such as engineering metal fabricating, forging, engineering welding, sheet metal working, founding structural steel erection, metal polishing, metal spinning, electroplating, and other computer-controlled machines.


It is mandatory for most of us apply for engineering courses in Brisbane to become tradesperson in different ways. Two most essential certification programs mentioned above include Diploma of Engineering: Advanced Trade and Certificate III in engineering fabrication trade.


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