Dwayne Johnson All Set To Frame Wrestle mania 36 Story line

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is more commonly known as “The Rock”, is a former professional wrestler, and one of the biggest actors in the world. The Rock joined the WWE back in 1996 and was one of the most popular stars during his stay, he was known as “The Peoples Champ”.

In 2004, Dwayne left the WWE and went to pursue a career in Hollywood, after becoming successful he returned to the WWE in 2011 and has been making appearances for WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown ever since.

According to the latest speculation the Rock is set for a Wrestlemania 36 storyline, It all started when WWE superstar Randy Orton tweeted, “ @TheRock I see you will be at #SmackdownOnFox this Friday. How about you and I have a discussion about who’s the greatest 3rd generation wrestler of all time and we answer that question April 5th in Tampa at Wrestlemania 36. A viper’s sense of smell is unmatched. I smell what you’re cooking”

The Rock, however, did not respond to Orton’s tweets, and it seemed like that was the end of the story. The Viper was however in no mood to give up, he kept calling out The Rock and this time he took the help of fellow WWE star and his old friend John Cena. But after some days Randy Orton Posted another tweet, this time involving fellow WWE superstar John Cena.

Orton posted a tweet with a cutout of John Cena from his upcoming movie “ Playing with Fire”, Orton wrote “Miss you @JohnCena.ps: Can you talk to @TheRock and see what his #wrestlemania plans are for 2020? Asking for a friend.”

After two tweets from Orton, The Rock responded in his very own style, The Rock joked about how he was still recovering from the Evolution beatdown at Wrestlemania 20. The Rock tweeted, “ U think Bob O Sr and Chief Maivia along with our pops’ Bob Jr and the Soulman ran up and down those roads for decades taking bumps just so we can sell out WM36 so you can RKO my ass thru the earth. My body’s still recovering from that Evolution beatdown you gave me at WM20”. Randy Orton and The Rock had previously faced each other at Wrestlemania 20 when Evolution went up against The Rock and Mick Foley in a handicap match.

After the Rock tweeted this, Orton acknowledged his tweet and put a tweet of his own saying “My man. So I guess that’s a ‘no’.” For now, it seems like this is the end of the exchange between The Rock and Randy Orton and it seems like The Rock is in no mood to return to the WWE ring.  However it would be every fan’s delight to see two of the greatest wrestlers ever go head-on at Wrestlemania36, that would be some match.

Wrestlemania 36 is still a long way off and an appearance from the Brahma Bull can never be out of cards, Maybe The Rock decides to show up for one last time and kick some Candy Ass.

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