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Breitling watches should last twenty years or more, and it is very possible if you take good care of them. Today, we are looking for some important points to think about to keep your watch back up, and to maintain it so that it will follow you for years and you can send it to your children, who might pass it on to them …

1 – Don’t overlook revisions

The first tip might seem trivial, but too many luxury watch owners tend to forget it. Automatic watches must be reviewed by licensed professionals on average every 3 to 5 years. Yes, watches can work longer, sometimes up to 20 years or more will tell you a few, but most manufacturers suggest regular reviews. According to brands and guarantees, these revisions usually cost several hundred dollars, but when you know that they can avoid repairs that can cost several thousand dollars, we say it’s worth it.

When sent for revision, the watch is entrusted to professionals who take care of everything very carefully and with special attention to details. Each brand offers its own services, and has its own procedures and methods. But overall, these are a few key steps in the full review:

The watch was first dismantled. The bracelet is released from the case, which is then opened to extract the movement. The mattress and its movements are then completely disassembled, so that all the parts that compose it can be cleaned very carefully. Parts of the movement are often ultrasonic cleaned at special baths. This is also the case for the pieces of the bracelet (if the latter is metal due to the leather strap, there isn’t much to do) and the case, which is also polished and satin to make it look new.

The various mechanisms that move the watch (such as balance) with high precision accuracy are then examined and adjusted, often using electronic control materials before being tested for hours to ensure their proper functioning.

During re-installation, always by watchmaking experts, seals are often all changed, to ensure a perfect seal, like when buying a new watch. After re-installation is complete, the watch undergoes a series of tests in terms of operation, accuracy, watertight, strength, aesthetics, power reserves, and all types of resistance. Don’t forget to entrust your watch exclusively to authorized professionals to benefit from different brand guarantees.

2 – Attention to shocks

Luxury watches are masterpieces of mechanics and technology. Therefore it is relatively easy to understand that they can be affected by shocks. Small shocks of everyday life are among shocks that can be considered as expected, and the majority of automatic watches are strong enough to hold them. It must keep avoiding them to the fullest, to maintain movement and all parts of the watch. A simple watch drop from a table or a shock to a wall or other hard surface might be enough to disturb or damage the movement. Take care of your watch when you wear it, when you wear it and when you take it off.

3 – Save your watch under the cover

As we have just seen, a watch deserves special attention when used. But this also happens when they don’t. Remember to keep your watch in the room at room temperature. Extreme temperatures, in one direction or another, can affect the operation of movement and accuracy of the watch, or make some information unreadable due to steam or otherwise.

4 – Read the instructions to use

Have you never read a note on your new cellphone or a new fridge? Neither do we. Therefore, for luxury watches, we cannot advise you to read them carefully. You will learn how to use various options and functions of your watch. We know for example that it is strongly recommended to set the time for hand operations, and not in the opposite direction.

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