Wedding Gift Ideas

10 Gift Ideas for the guests within your budget

Planning for a wedding is a task in itself. The preparations for a wedding starts like 6-7months back and still till the last minute the hustle-bustle continues. A time when two souls decide to become one and decide to walk together in every walk of life brings along a stream of emotions and joyous moments for the friends and families.

Each family has its own style and standard of preparation and plans for the blissful day. At one end the couple is busy planning their pre-wedding shoot and looking for best studios for pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi or pre-wedding photoshoot in Gurgaon or any other corner of the city. On the other end, the families are busy finalizing the venues, decorators, designers and other people who help in making the D-Day a success.

Amongst these preparations and photoshoots in Delhi and other pre-wedding photoshoots comes a section of deciding the gifts for the guests that’ll fit in the budget of families. Gone are the days when people who came to attend the wedding is thanked with a typical ‘Shaadi ki bhaaji’. Nowadays, people look for different and creative gifting ideas that not only look exclusive but leaves a long-lasting memory of the wedding in their minds. Therefore, for all those looking for some out-of-the-box ideas for wedding return gifts, here are some quick-witted ideas which can help them decide with the gifting ideas :

Vaastu Feng Shui Gift items

Indians families are obsessed with Vaastu, there is always one family member who happens to have immense knowledge about Vaastu. That’s why Vaastu and feng shui items make one of the best gifting options during weddings. Vaastu items are believed to have a source of positivity in everyone’s life. Therefore, choosing some Vaastu and Feng Shui gift items can be a great option



  • Lip-Smacking Customized and home-made chocolates


Everyone loves chocolates even those who are probably suffering from diabetes. Chocolates are best when received as a gift. So, having some customized and home-made chocolates as a wedding return gift to all the guests. 


  • Holy Tulsi as gift


Silver is a trendy thing and has some traditional values rooted in ancient times. Therefore, having a silver holy Tusli pot as a wedding return gift is new and trending fast these days. Tulsi is considered a holy plant that signifies purity. So, a silver Holy Tulsi as a gift lasts forever with the guests.


  • Religious Idols 


India is the land of Gods and Indians have a spiritual belief and worship God’s idols. So, gifting idols of a ‘KulDevta’ comes out as a great option for a wedding return gifts. Pick some uniquely designed religious idols as next wedding return gifts.


  • Sensationally Scented Candles


Everyone loves the aroma of a scented candle. It enhances the aroma of the room or corner where it is lit. A set of sensationally scented candles is a great option when thinking of wedding return gift ideas. Complementing the scented candles with vibrant colors will just add the oomph factor.


  • Decorous Jewellery Boxes


No woman is satisfied with the amount of jewelry they own. And, to place more jewelry they’ll need more room. Therefore, respecting the fondness of jewelry of every woman, gifting some decorous jewelry boxes as wedding return gifts is another quick-witted idea. Jazz them more by attaching ‘Ladkewala’ and ‘Ladkewali’ on them.


  • Handmade cookies jar


Adding some personal touch to a gift makes it even dearer to the guests. Decorating some mason jars and filling it with some lip-smacking cookies along with a personalized message will fit-in as the best wedding return gift. 


  • Colorful Succulent Plants


A time when the whole world is coming together to fight global warming and initiating more and more plantation of trees, gifting some succulent plants are an eco-friendly idea for a wedding return gift. Succulent plants require less care and look more like a flower(though it is not). 


  • Zippy Photo Frames


A photo frame is meant to save some essential moments on life in a picture covered and decorated that’ll always please the eyes. Therefore, to keep the moments of a wedding evergreen, gifting a zippy customized photo frame as a wedding return gift. 


  • Self-Designed Potli


Potlis is a fashionable accessory that can be either used as a purse or to preserve some items or just to decor a corner of the house. Therefore, gifting a self-designed potli having some dry fruits or chocolates or any other useful item in it is another good wedding return gifting idea.

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