Different Types of Bangles That Women Love to Wear

There are certain jewelry items which are coming down in the tradition from the ancient time, and no matter how modern the society has become, the practice of wearing those has not gone obsolete. Bangles are one of such jewelry pieces that Indian women love to wear and they also have to wear those after their marriage. As per Indian tradition, leaving your hand empty is considered bad luck. Whether it is good or bad, bangle-worn hands look really beautiful. You must have a thing for bangles or have seen women, wearing different types of bangles at different states. Though the bangle-wearing theme is similar in every Indian state after the wedding, the style of bangles is different. Today, you will get to know about different types of bangles that Indian married women usually wear. Read on to know more-


  • Sakha-Pola

Whether you wear any other bangles or not, this pair has to be on the hands of the Bengali and the Odiya married women. The ‘Sakha’ is a bangle, made of conch and it is quite costly, while the ‘Pola’ is a red bangle, made from coral. This pair of bangles is considered good luck. You can buy rose gold bangle set or anything for your wedding, but this pair must be there on your hand, especially on the wedding date.


  • Chooda

You must have seen newly-married Punjabi bride with lots of bangles on her hand. Yes, those are known as ‘Chooda’. These slender bangles are mainly in red and white with lots of stonework on those. Usually, a bride has to wear these bangles for a year or so after getting married. The importance of ‘Chooda’ is so much in the Punjabi wedding, that a ‘Chooda wearing ceremony’ is also celebrated on the morning of the wedding. Though ‘Chooda’ is mainly red/maroon and white bangles, today, girls like to wear pink, orange, purple and lots of other colors too. 


  • Wrist Trinkets

Though this is not associated with any rituals and all, still women love to wear this. And the unmarried, young women can also wear beautiful wrist trinkets at any occasion. You can go for 1 gram gold chain online shopping and make a sleek wristband for you. Besides, you can also wear wrist trinkets of varieties of materials, like white gold, oxidized metal, silver, wood, and so on. Another interesting thing about these wristbands is that you can wear those with western wear also.


  • Arm Bands

Popularly known as ‘Baju Band’, this special type of bangles are not for your wrist, but for your upper arms. The use of ‘Baju Band’ is quite traditional and women of the ancient era also loved wearing this. Usually, armlets come with a joint or a string through which you can adjust it as per your necessity. Once you wear any short sleeve or sleeveless dresses, armlets will give you the elegant look you want.

So, these are the best types of bangles you can wear whether you are married or unmarried. If you want to buy gold, diamond or silver, you need to visit the jewelry shop. 

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