Dress properly for The hiking: Fall hiking outfit ideas

Hiking is really gaining popularity with the younger generations and it’s not really surprising. Spending time outdoors with friends on what is essentially an intense walk is an amazing way to spend your free time and get some exercise in. But as with all things that fall in the hands of ambitious young people, we’ve developed a trend for it. Hiking clothes are a very wide term, but if there is one clear distinction, it’s between the seasons. So with fall approaching us fast, let’s see what the best hiking clothes to wear on your chilly climb are.

A place for your gear

All good things start with a backpack. For hiking, there is literally no alternative for the bag you’re taking with you. No matter what kind of backpack you’re bringing, it needs to have thick straps and offer some sort of support for your back. It will be easiest for you if it has multiple smaller compartments within the bag, instead of one large pocket. The only thing that will vary depending on your hike is the size of it. You need it to fit everything you will need on the hike, but you also don’t want to carry a single ounce of unnecessary weight. When packing, always put the heaviest things at the bottom and go lighter as you go up, to help you keep your balance.

Long bottoms

If it’s still the end of summer, and you’re pretty sure you’re going to be hot on the hike, you might be tempted to wear some shorts or cropped pants. Do not do this. Not only are hikes filled with plants and weeds that can sting you or cut you, but there are bugs all around you and the last thing you need is to bring home a tick stuck to your ankle. Something like gym leggings will be a perfect fit, because they cover your legs, give you mobility and are made to help whip away moisture when you start to sweat, making them an ideal choice. You could opt for something like cargo pants, but not only are they not stylish, the weight of the things you put in the pockets will make it harder to walk and climb.

Layer tops

When the weather gets colder, the most important thing to remember is to layer up your clothing, because the air trapped in between the layers will act as an insulator. Start with an athletic shirt that is made from merino wool or synthetic smart material that will make sure you’re not wet from sweat. You might get the urge to cross the sunny parts in nothing but a sports bra, but that isn’t a good idea, as you are closer to the sun and more likely to get burned. Then layer on a shirt of your choice and top it all off with a jacket. The choice of jackets is crucial because you need it to be lightweight, but still, give warmth and protection from the elements. Such windbreakers could once be found only in special sports equipment stores and came with a steep price tag, but nowadays they can be found in most fashion retail shops. If you’re an avid hiker, you might want to invest in the pro equipment, but for the occasional weekend hike, any jacket will do.


Skip the regular accessories like earrings or necklaces and go for functionality: a cap that gives you protection from the sun, a watch with a built-in compass and some walking sticks for a steeper route. Most importantly, wear comfortable, water-resistant shoes, because you’re literally going to be on your feet all day long, and the last thing you want is to be in tight shoes.


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