Dry Clean Everything in Your Closet

Top Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Everything in Your Closet

Dry cleaning is a type of laundry process that cleanses clothes using a particular chemical such as organic solvents and a little or no water to remove stains and soil from the clothes. Clothes and apparels made of natural fibers such as silk and wool may shrink, lose their shape or fade when washed in a machine, but dry cleaning those apparels will restore the nature of the fibre as such without altering its look. According to reports, an average person in Galway spends around 2 hours each week on their laundry that includes folding and ironing. This is where a professional dry cleaner is required. One can expect great quality and laundry services at Shannon Dry Cleaners Galway whenever visiting Ireland.

Why dry clean everything in your closet?

  • Easy laundry with a spick and span look of your clothes

Dry cleaning is all about the easy and hassle-free type of laundry, giving your quality leisure time to enjoy with friends and family.  What you wear is the first impact you make on others. Professional or occasional, you would love to dress up in the best style and of course, with a spotless look of your attire. Dry cleaning is one of the best types of laundry to give your clothes a spick-and-span look.

  • Dry cleaning removes even a super stain

No matter how much ever careful you are, food has a natural affinity to what you wear. Food spills can happen for different reasons or you may unknowingly spill food on your clothes, there’s no way you can stop it. Wet cleaning can remove a decent amount of stain from your attire, but then it leaves a trace behind. Dry cleaning has the best solution to remove stains, and it does not leave even a minute trace of stain and retains the fabric too.

  • Give your clothes a tender wash

Dry cleaning is gentle, as well as powerful. Hydrocarbon solvent is used on your clothes to remove the stains and clean your attire. As the process is gentle, you need not worry about how expensive your outfit is or whether it will be ruined in the process

  • Dry Cleaners are a pro

Once your clothes are dry cleaned the professionals either hand press or steam your clothes. In a busy routine, pressing clothes can be a frustrating ordeal for us. But the dry cleaning professionals have specially designed machines that can press the cuffs and collars and jackets with ease. There is always a difference between the look of an outfit pressed at home and that of a professionally cleaned and pressed one.

  • Dry cleaning is economical

Dry cleaning is not at all expensive. Time is money and a lot of it can be saved if you opt for a dry cleaner to take care of your laundry instead of struggling hard to remove stains from your clothes, wash it, iron and then fold it. Apart from this, many laundry service providers would love to give discounts to their regular customers.

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