Know Everything About The Top-Rated Eyelash Growth Serums

Who doesn’t want to have luxuriously thick and long lashes? Not everyone is blessed with long and rich eyelashes, but you can get the desired volume of eyelashes that you want. Wondering how? By using an eyelash growth serum. Yes! It is that simple.

What is An Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serum is a blend of few concentrated liquids that helps in promoting the growth of your eyelashes. If you are missing some lashes and it is clearly visible, without a second thought, you can go for an eyelash growth serum. If you want to have fuller and longer lashes, you can probably invest in one.

What Does An Eyelash Serum Contain?

They have ingredients such as Argan oil and Panthenol to provide nourishment and condition your lashes, Humectants to plum lashes such as Hyaluronic acid, and peptides and fatty acids for lash hair follicle’s stimulation and strengthen eyelashes.

Know what is the right application to use an eyelash growth serum?

How you apply, your eyelash serum plays a ‘key role’ in promoting the growth of your lashes.

Eyelash growth serum comes in different kinds of tubes just similar to the ones which are used for mascaras. But the only difference is of the applicator that comes with each eyelash growth serum. Some of the top rated eyelash growth serum has some fancy tips and applicators to put the serum on the lashes; some have basic regular one which is used in most of the eyelash growth serums. But they all do their work decently. All you need to do is just to open the tube of the serum and take as much product you need on the wand or applicator, remove the excess because an excess of the product would feel heavy on the lashes and could make you very uncomfortable. Just make sure you do not put it on your lids, place it rightly only on your lashes as the product is meant for your lashes, not your skin. The wrong application can cause irritation and may lead to the discoloration on the lids as researchers say most people put the serum wrongly. So, don’t be one.


Here are our few tried and tested top-rated eyelash growth serums that actually work:

1. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum

Price: Rs. 3100

Results: Within a month, you can see the difference

Rimmel London is a wonderful serum that works for a lot of people. What the best thing about it is- it is very budget-friendly, saves you a lot of money. It has a very lightweight formula so it can be worn under your heavy mascara and this is what makes it ideal for a person who cannot skip mascara. It has a hybrid applicator that lets you put the serum on your eyebrows too. Added bonus. People love it. So, would you.

2. LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

Price: Rs.5054

Results: Results can be visibly seen within a month or two when used regularly.

This is a completely medicated potion that your eyelashes would absolutely love. The product is made from the goodness of our mother nature as it claims. So, it is completely harmless and safe to safe. It helps the eyelashes grow better in an effective manner. It is slightly on the costlier side but worth every single penny.

3. Revitalash Advanced

Price: Rs.11000

Results: A month

Yes, it is truly one of the unbeatable products in the market, and it really gives you those heavy and longer-looking lashes. It contains biotin, ginseng, and green tea. So, it has all the natural products in it to protect your eyelashes and prevent them from falling too. If you are on a high budget, you should definitely try this one out and see what wonders it does.

4. Givenchy Mister Lash Booster

Price: Rs.6172

Results: A month

This product is a multi-tasker. It is just not an eyelash growth serum but also works as a primer and a transparent mascara. Sounds amazing! Isn’t it? Yes, you can use it in all three ways. The packaging of this product is unique as it has a mini massager style to it. It gives you the desired density. It helps in strengthening the lashes as well as makes them grow thicker and rapidly.  The applicator is very user-friendly and works best for eyebrows too.

5. Organic Eyelash And Eyebrow Growth Serum

Price: Rs.3759

Results in: 3-4 months

 It is an organic and natural product which is sulfate-free. It works gradually but for the best. It may take 3-4 months to show the desired results, but it works really well. This is quite pocket-friendly and would not burn a hole in your pocket. Bloggers swear by this serum as it is really very effective.

So, choose the most appropriate one for yourself from the curated list of our top-rated eyelash growth serums and achieve those luxuriously thick lashes.

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