Fancy Shoes for Women in Their 40’s – Top 4 Shoe Ideas!


Do you find it hard to combine your clothes and your shoes? Maybe not, but you must suffer in certain shoes more than when you were in your 20s. It’s completely normal for your feet to become more sensitive over time and it’s perfectly natural to crave for some more comfortable shoes. However, being in your 40s, you definitely don’t want to get those granny shoes that are super comfortable but look silly. There is a compromise, you just need to choose carefully and have a selection of the essentials in order to be ready for any occasion. This is where we come in with some guidance on how to look gorgeous in your shoes and not die on the inside while wearing them.

Comfy pumps

Being sensitive to heals doesn’t mean you need to give them up, it just means you need to be more considerate about certain factors. For instance, the thickness of the heel itself guarantees stability and better balance. Also, some shoes are more comfortable than others, so you need to find a compromise between looks and comfort. Pumps are the perfect candidates, get a pair that is tall enough to make you look gorgeous, but also enables you to walk normally. Remember, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your shoes are, if you walk like Bambi on them, the whole impression crumbles down.

White sneakers

Naturally, you need casual footwear, too. Regardless of your attitude towards sneakers, you simply need at least one pair, preferably white so you can combine them with practically anything. Generally, European women are much more obsessed with high heels, while Australians are representatives of a much more casual style. Having that in mind, perhaps you should shop online shoes from Australia and find a better selection of the sort of shoes you want to buy. Once you own a pair of white sneakers, you’ll never want to step out of them.

Ankle boots

These are just perfect throughout the fall, winter and even spring. They’re good for both casual and semiformal occasions. You can wear them to work and during leisure time, too. Pants, skirts or dresses, the choice is yours and ankle boots are there to support a wide variety of outfits. The fact that they have thick platforms makes the slope less sharp resulting in more comfort with the same long legs effect. A mid-height stacked heel will make your legs look beautifully long and you’ll also be comfortable wearing them, so it’s a win-win.

Something fabulous

Given that you are a grown independent lady, you also need a pair of shoes that take everyone’s breath away. So, as long as you have the previous types of footwear, you also need to be free and irrational and get a pair of shoes to die for. That means go crazy and get yourself the chicest and most expensive shoes you can afford if that’s the pair that makes your heart sing. You’ll wear them on very special occasions and you’ll suffer through the pain as they’ll stop the hearts of everyone around you. However, stay sane and limit yourself to owning just one completely irrational pair of shoes.

Basically, as long as you have all the zones covered, you’ll be fine. The point is to have comfortable shoes for all situations. So, shop for some cute comfy classics and you should be more than fine. Solving the issue of proper footwear will make you much happier in the long run as it will eliminate a significantly strong source of frustration. If you need to renew your whole shoe collection, do it, starting from the most critical zone.

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