Must-have skincare products for this winter

Winter can get really harsh on our skin, with the face being the most affected part.

The cold temperatures, breezy winds, and the unforgiving rays from the sun make the skin dull, dark and dry during the chilly winter months.

This makes it vital for us to readjust our skincare routine, as we do with our wardrobe.

This blog provides more information on some common winter skin problems and their cure. Skin needs special attention during the winter as the changing weather snatches the subtleness and glow. There are some skin routines you will need to change to get over winter. You need to reach out to winter skincare products offered by companies like VLCC to help your skin withstand the unforgiving winter conditions.

Here are some must-have skincare products that you should consider using this winter:

Skincare Oils

Nothing works better during the winter months than a skincare oil of good quality. When the temperature goes down, a few drops of skincare oil mixed to your cleanser, day cream, or your night cream helps in locking the moisture in and keeping your skin as soft as a petal. You can also use the oil neat on your freshly cleansed, warm skin.

VLCC Liquorice Cold Cream

VLCC is arguably the most renowned and trusted cosmetic brands around. The liquorice cold cream brought to you by VLCC is an absolute winner when it comes to winter companions that help protect your skin from chilly and harsh weather.

Beauties with both normal and dry skins will find this VLCC winter care product ideal, as its skincare formula is loaded with the goodness of olive oil, jojoba oil, saffron, Vitamin E, rose petals and grape seed extracts.

All these ingredients work together to protect your skin against the dullness and dryness as they help your skin withstand hard temperatures. Not only that, this winter care VLCC skin cream provides SPF20 cover against the sun, which provides fairness, skin glow and protection from the sun.

Here, you can see where to get VLCC products online.


Dry skin is not very efficient at shedding dead cells, so you should consider getting an exfoliator to deal with dullness and uneven pigmentation that happens during winter. Irrespective of what texture you prefer – textured cloth, gritty scrub, liquid peel or a creamy enzyme mask, work with it gently since overzealous peeling or scrubbing can result in overstimulation of your oily skin while leaving dry skin even drier. The best time for exfoliation is during the night, as the skin does not have to fight ultraviolet rays after the process. You can follow this up with a layer of a moisturizer or serum.

The Extras

It is not just the face that needs extra help during the winter. You also need to use a good body lotion to take care of your flaky shins and arms. Apply a lip balm to protect your lips that chap and crack badly during winter, because they do not have oil glands. Cover up your feet and hands with a smooth softening cream.

Just because we load our bodies with layers of warm clothing does not mean that they should have to miss out on a nourishing treat. Use these skincare products during winter to give your skin a much-needed boost.

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