Your nightwear says a lot about you

There is nothing more intimate than what women nightwear you decide to go to bed in. Women just love shopping, irrespective of their age or mood. You give a lot of thought to your daily wear for different occasions. Your choices are governed by how you choose to live your life. You choose your nightwear too. How do you go about deciding what the right clothes will be for your slumber time? It may well depend on the person you are spending the night with but let us keep this to your nightwear choice (your pajamas) here rather than talking about your underwear.

What you decide to wear to bed says a lot about you. Your nightwear makes a statement about your personality. Let us connect a few dots here about your women nightwear.

Translucent short nightwear

If you like wearing translucent short nightwear to sleep, you are a woman who likes being complimented. You love to flaunt your femininity, and you just adore attention. You simply cannot stop showing off, and you want your man to admire you.

Wearing the same nightwear

If you have a tendency to wear the same nightwear every day, it says that you have a soft, nice and supple character. You love to travel and party. You are a social animal and have way too many friends.

Sleeping in children’s pajamas

Women who put comfort above everything else can often be found sleeping in colourful and vibrant children’s pajamas. You stay away from things that have a reputation of not lasting long. You have faith in your husband to be a real protector. You are trustworthy and never fail to act when it comes to the welfare of your family.

An old T-shirt and sweatpants/shorts

You are a warm and simple person. It is easy for you to make friends and you can often be playful. You just do not get the fuss about dressing up and do not care much about how you look in your sleep. All you care to do after a long day is to relax in your bed, watch TV and eat chips.

Lingerie or Negligee

You are a romantic, passionate and sassy woman and you are well aware of it. You do care about how you look and are always looking for some excitement. People know that you like to take control, and you do not shy away from being sexy. You also know how to treat yourself.

Pajama set

You are a chic woman; you are meticulous, orderly and a perfectionist. You prefer that things match up and coordination is not your strongest trait. You take pride in getting yourself adequate sleep and never forget to moisturize.

Tank Top and Boxer Shorts

You are sporty and girly at the same time. All your friends wish they were as quirky and fun as you. All this does not make you cocky, though. You do not shy away from splurging because you understand that comfort has a price.

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