Increase Freemium-to-Customer Conversion Rate

20 Ways to Increase Freemium-to-Customer Conversion Rate

Most of the companies offer trial service to their clients now-a-days. It can be noticed with the both small and big companies. Interest among the client about the products can be increased in this way also. By BTHAWK, freemium services are offered also. If a client likes a product or service then it may be turned into loyal and paid customer. Good percentage of business can be brought to the company.

Free service cannot be offered to the customers continuously. In order to build, market and support a product, finances are required. In case, you face trouble to turn a freemium to paid customer then some strategies can be tried to increase the conversion rate. On the occasion, you must know how conversation can be done on a regular basis. Best tips from the experts must be utilized on the occasion.

Strategies to transform freemium user into a paid customer

In case the conversation from freemium to paid customers is lower than 3% to 5% then you must start to think about strategies to improve it. From the professionals, help can be asked on the occasion. Here are some suggestions from professionals that can be implemented in due course. Professionals of BTHAWK are well aware of these strategies. So, they can help with the generation and conversation of traffic also.

If you have more freemium users then you must market yourself more to ensure result.

1. Maintain the balance of comfort and value

Importance must be given on the balance between comfort and value always. It is better to limit the freemium time to make them uncomfortable at the same time.  If clients get the value by staying with the company then they are more likely to convert into a paid customer.

2. Limited features with freemium plan and addition feature promotion with paid customer

Through freemium plan, it is important to give the client a hint of full service. However, the access must be restricted after a certain point also. Most valuable features must be kept away from the free clients.

3. Limiting the plan with quantity

Limitation must be placed based on quantity instead of quality. Same features must be offered to the freemium customer with the restriction on the volume which is not applicable with the premium plan.

4. Plan on the limitation can be made after a discussion with the customer

Cheap version of product or service must not be offered to the freemium client. Enough features must be there to complete a job adequately. Same thing can be noticed with the trial plan from BTHAWK also. Service will be valued by the client as a result and they will be more inclined to try a paid plan.

5. Take inspiration from marketing playbook of account based nature

By reaching free plan client directly, conversation can be ensured. Mails can be sent to the enthusiastic customers. Relationship can be developed between client and service provider in this way also.

6. Locate the qualified users

Calls or mails cannot be made to every customer with a free plan. Instead, you can start to locate customers who are more interested in conversation to a paid customer. Later on, they can be persuaded further to take the plunge.

7. Provide training service for the upgraded users

Most of the users fear that they may not be able to utilize the additional features with the premium plan. To eliminate the fear from the mind, training can be offered to them individually. It can certainly affect the conversation rate. Complimentary software can be provided to them also.

8. Provide additional support

For assistance of the paid customer further, additional support can be offered. Experienced professionals are offered by BTHAWK with their premium plan.

9. Utilize the automation technique

Users must not be left behind. Emails or messages must be sent to the user through an automated process.

10. Personalized mails

Understanding the requirement of free customers, personalized mails can be sent. Click through rates can be increased in the process certainly.

11. Give the freemium users a sneak peek of some premium feature

Freemium user may not feel the need of transforming into paid customer until they can know what they have been missing. By showcasing additional features to them, you can impress them certainly.

12. Make the user accustomed with high quality features as soon as possible

Through enhancement of high quality service features continuously, you can take the shortest path for the conversation rate from freemium to a paid customer.

13. Provide premium plan to the freemium user for a little time

Free trail package of premium plan can be offered to the freemium user also to make them understand about advantages of being a paid customer. Similar approach is being taken by BTHAWK some time also.

14. Post Product Tutorials

To convert freemium user in to a customer, tutorial videos and blogs can be posted. In this way, excellent customer service can be ensured too. By looking at the blogs and videos, they may able to know complete potential of software.

15. Community Building

Instead of persuading a free user for a conversion, you must try to develop a sense of community within the users. Too much coaxing may irritate the user and they may stop using it completely.

16. Stress on urgency

Trail period offer are often taken for granted by the users and they do not feel the urge for conversion. Demos must be offered to the user. Due to a demo, users are more likely to use the software. Sense of urgency is essential to ensure result with the conversation.

17. Discounts must be offered for limited time for upgrade purposes

Special discounts must be provided to the clients for the purpose of upgrade. It must be given for limited time to create a sense of urgency.

18. Money should not asked too quickly

Money can be asked from the free users when they become used to the software and service. Client may be scared if money is asked too quickly.

19. Collaborate with the affiliates

As an additional benefit, services of affiliates can be offered to the paid customers.

20. Easy conversation process

Process of conversation should be easy enough. It must be done in minutes. BTHAWK offers a conversation process that is really smooth to entice the customers.

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