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4 Reasons Elderly Patients Find It Difficult To Wake Up in the Morning

Life changes when one starts getting older. From becoming frail and weak to getting depressed, a lot of things happen when your elderly loved one is aging. If there are no general issues with health, still they will be facing some common issues that plague every elderly people around the globe. One such issue is struggling to with waking up in the morning.

If you are living with your loved ones and seeing this or your caregiver is reporting this to you repeatedly, then you are in dire need of understanding what is causing them to struggle to wake up in the morning. Take a look at the following points that are actually reasons which cause a struggle for them to wake up in the morning.

Urinary Troubles throughout Night

The bladder can hold your urine for some time, yes. But when you get older, the ability to control the urge of urinating becomes weaker. The bladder becomes weaker and can’t hold out the urine for a long time. Also, with age, issues like diabetes can develop. In that case, too, the patient cannot hold out urine for a long time. This can cause urinary troubles throughout the night. Even if there is no medical complication, it is necessary that you or the caregiver of the home care services you are hiring can notice such issues at night. Generally, if the elderly patient is a deep sleeper, they themselves might not realize as using restroom can be actually an ingrained habit to do in autopilot.

Sleep Apnea

If the elderly person sleeps alone, then he or she might not notice that they are suffering from sleep apnea. This is one of the major sleep disorders a million people suffer from. One of the most common signs of sleep apnea is that they snore loudly. Throughout the whole night, breathing will start and stop many times. This will eventually disturb the sleep of the patient. As a result, he or she won’t be sleeping peacefully throughout the night. And that will result in struggling to wake up in the morning.

Vitamin Deficiency

It is necessary to keep the supply of vitamin D, E, B as well as calcium and magnesium proper so that the body can function well and properly which will result in good night sleep. But with aging, our bodies start absorbing and processing the vitamins in different ways. If the elderly person is not getting enough vitamins in his or her diet, then there are high chances that it will cause issues with sleeping. And if they don’t get to sleep properly at night, waking up in the morning can be a really difficult task. This is a bigger reason why you need to hire an agency for home care Massachusetts. They will be taking care of the diet as well as the nutrition of the patient properly.

Not Getting Enough Physical Activity

With age, people become reluctant to indulge in physical activities. Going for a walk, a little bit of exercise can feel like a real task to them. Also, if the patient is suffering from issues like immobility, then it can be quite difficult for them to be active. When the body doesn’t get enough activity, it makes sleep difficult which again eventually leads to struggle with waking up.

So, now as you know what factors can actually affect waking up in the morning for your loved ones, then pay attention to what exactly happens to them. Try to find out the reason so that it can be treated and get taken care of.

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