7 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer In Your Life

Are you confident to start your fitness journey? Being healthy is essential not only to prevent disease and feel good but to have enough energy and strength to perform and achieve the goals that everyone has. Many people today are aware of this, but the figure of the personal trainer is still unknown, so essential to achieving this goal. There are many myths, prejudices and false beliefs regarding personal training. So today we want to explain what is behind and understand that you probably need a personal trainer, but you still do not know.


What is a personal trainer?


A personal trainer is a fitness professional who deals with the teaching and prescription of physical exercises with a specific objective, usually of health, fitness or performance. He has the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs.

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A personal trainer evaluates and analyzes your starting point to be able to plan and schedule the most appropriate training for you. With the help of the client, he sets realistic, coherent, measurable and safe goals to know where he is going and keep motivation high. He explains and teaches you how things are done and why they are done. A coach educates you and accompanies you on your way.

A personal trainer motivates you and doesn’t let you give up.


A good trainer or a coach always prioritizes customer safety and should know how to refer to other specialists when appropriate. He is not a room monitor that generally helps those who need it. They are different competencies that must be differentiated.


  1. You think a personal trainer is only for celebrities.


No, we already anticipate that you don’t need to be famous to be able to afford a personal trainer. That celebrities have a personal coach of a high cache does not mean that personal training is expensive and only intended for celebrities. That could be true years ago, but today there are many excellent and inexpensive personal trainers, which fit all pockets.


  1. You think the gym is cheaper for you


The gym might be less expensive in the short term. But a personal trainer educates and teaches you, so you learn to train and achieve the goals for yourself, for the rest of your life. Think that if you go to the gym, with no idea of ​​training, you will be losing money and probably end up demotivated and abandoning. However, with a personal trainer, you can achieve your goals in a much shorter period.



  1. You think the gym is the only place to get fit


You think so because in the gym there are many machines and materials. However, you don’t know the ability of a personal trainer to plan routines with your body weight. You also don’t know that all you need to be fit is to move more and take care of your food.

Most of the time, it all starts by moving your body more, and doing activities, exercises and sports that you like and are safe for you. You need to become aware and want to improve, want to achieve your best version.


  1. Your problem is not money. It is ignorance


You are not aware that you need to be fit and eat better. You also don’t know what a personal trainer can offer you. A trainer will provide you with specific, individualized and nontransferable training routines, which you will only have to execute.


  1. You think a personal trainer is like being in the army


You don’t have to make great efforts and sacrifices. A good personal trainer will not let you feel pain, go hungry or thirsty, or that you get bored. He knows that the key to success is constancy.


  1. You think a personal trainer will take you a long time


The truth is that it takes much less time than is believed to be fit. A 15-20 minute workout, if done well, can be much more useful than long 1 or 2-hour routines and that, probably, you did not know (a personal trainer).

  1. You don’t give enough importance to your health


Either due to ignorance or because you have other priorities. You have stopped to think that your health today will be your health of the future. Think about it for a moment. Don’t you believe your health is the best possible investment? Listen, your health should be the number one priority. If you want to perform on your other preferences? It must be the basis and the starting point of your priorities.



Now think for a moment!


Everything you’ve seen so far must have served you to understand what a personal trainer offers. Hiring the services of a personal trainer may seem expensive in the short term, but what if you think within 1 to 5 years?


Personal trainer… online?


Thanks to the advancement of technologies, today you can have a personal trainer from anywhere in the world. At Elite Fitness Now , the goal of the personal trainer, in addition to educating, is to teach you to have the right habits to improve your health and more specific goals. We think of individualization and ensuring results.


If you want to get fit and achieve your goals, check the Home Based Program at Elite Fitness Now to know what we offer you.

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