Person Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction- How to Cure?

If you are the spouse of a person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction things can get very complicated. You are in a very confused state of mind and really concerned about your husband if unless you are willing to have a divorce.

You two as a married couple are not enjoying life like a normal couple. You are really tensed and probably frustrated about why you are even involved in all this. After all, it’s not your fault, right?  But the fault is neither your husband’s.

Stress and anxiety could be the most probable cause that he is suffering from depression. Maybe he still loves and cares about you from deep inside his heart but he is unable to come close to you fearing how you might react.

That is why he keeps away from you mostly and does not talk to you or comes face-to-face.  He has changed now because he is suffering from a disorder which is quite common in men these days.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder in men which is characterized by the inability of the penis to become erect while having sex or the inability to stay erect for a long period of time.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction suffer from lack of sex drive. As a result, such couples where the male partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction might be having no sex at all. This can lead to a highly tensed and stressful situation in your house.

The husband due to fear of the reaction of his wife might be making a distance and avoid having a conversation or come face-to-face. As a couple, even you two might not be sharing the same bed at night.

It is important to note that penile erections in men are a coming together of both physical and psychological elements. As he is suffering from depression he is not able to generate the feelings of sex inside his mind.

So the brain is not able to generate the signals to the penis which would increase the blood flow to the penis causing an erection.

As a dutiful wife, your role becomes very important at such times. You have to be fully supportive of your husband and help him become free from depression.

By ensuring a few things you two as a couple can again start feeling the passionate and blissful bond amongst yourselves.

Here are 5 things you can do to bring up the morale of your husband-

1. Visit a Doctor First

As you know your husband is suffering from depression due to erectile dysfunction take him to a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist might communicate effectively with your husband and understand the level of depression he is in. He/she might suggest some basic treatment like medicines or some exercises which would slowly elevate his depression levels.

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Also, visit a urologist. He will suggest the best mode of treatment for your husband. It is better you accompany him during these visits to make him feel that you are fully supporting him.

This would also make him feel better and he might slowly start communicating with you gradually. It is important to note that erectile dysfunction causes depression due to not having sex.

2. Go for an Outing

Go out with your husband for a movie or a candlelit dinner. Try to bring back the romantic moments of your life when you guys first met. This would also bring about a change from the everyday normal life which might sometimes be quite boring indeed. Change is always good for the mind. It helps to fight depression.

If you can afford to go for a short trip to a remote hill station or a coastal area with white pristine beaches. Try and make it like the second honeymoon for yourselves and spend some quality time. Such trips may be able to lower the depression levels. Soon you might see your husband being more romantic.

3. Change Your meeting pattern

Sometimes you just need to discover new techniques to get arousal. You may need to do some physical touching and caressing before having a firm erection. Once you are used to it, it may seem more comfortable to physically stimulate each other through touches before having sex.

Even if you are not able to achieve hard erections you can still be able to have an orgasm. You might still be able to have sexual pleasure even without having intercourse. The use of sex toys such as vibrators may be used to stimulate each other. Also manual or oral stimulation can be very satisfying. You might have to get into the mood by reading some book or by watching an intimate scene in a movie.

4. Make Him a Delicious and Nutritious Meal

If your husband likes to taste new dishes change his eating habits to a healthier and balanced diet. Try to reduce the fats and carbohydrates and include more proteins and vitamins like fresh fruits and green vegetables, whole grains, cereals, fish like tuna and salmon, brown bread, brown rice, lean meat. Also, avoid any packed foods as they contain preservatives which have been proved to aggravate the erection problem.

You can make a diet chart for him and take help of YouTube to make healthy and nutritious meals from simple everyday ingredients.

5. Have a Generally Healthy Lifestyle

If you two drink and smoke quite often reduce it instantly. Drinking and smoking are related to depression. Go out for a morning walk in a park with your husband and make him involved in doing some basic exercises like jogging and running which can do miracles in fighting against depression. IF you want get more information about ED treatment then visit this link now

Some Final Words

If you want to elevate the depression caused due to erectile dysfunction in your husband your role is quite crucial. Humans always need physical and mental support in fighting against depression. Your ideal role would be somewhere in between a traditional wife who cooks a meal for your husband and a modern wife by changing the way you have sex.

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