Badam Rogan

Badam roghan-the best home remedy for dark circles

It is always said that eyes can speak a lot. At the same time, beautiful eyes are fascinating. So it is utmost important that proper care should be taken of eyes. It is mandatory to keep the area around eyes healthy and glowing. Proper care should be taken to prevent dark circles. In the busy schedule and stressful environment, people often tend to develop dark circles under the eye.

With the dark circles, a person tends to look lethargic and unpleasing. Today there are many eye creams available in the market for this treatment. But rather than using a cream with a lot of chemicals, how is the idea of using a simple household product? Yes, a simple household product like badam roghan can help in the reduction of dark circles. It further helps in reducing that dull and gloomy look from the face.

How helpful is almond oil in reducing the dark circles?

Badam roghan or almond oil is considered a very good moisturizer. It works effectively towards the reduction of dark circles under the eye.  As already mentioned many eye creams are available in the market for this. But rather than using the harsh chemical in such a soft and delicate region why not opt for a natural beauty product easily available in the home i.e. badam Rogan oil for dark circles.

A few benefits of badam roghan are listed below

  • Dehydration results in the area around the eye to become dull and get a blackish color. Almond oil is rich in fatty acids that give all the necessary nourishment to the skin. Being a good moisturizer it moistens the area around the eyes.
  • It is a good bleaching agent, which makes it the best product to reduce pigmentation.
  • It gives a glowing skin.
  • Another feather in the cap is that it is also a good anti-aging agent. Due to the vitamin E presence, it rejuvenates the wrinkles and gives clear skin.’

How to use badam roghan on eyes

The easiest method to use rogan badam oil for dark circles on eyes is to gently massage around the eye area and keep it for a night. This increases the blood flow and the result will be amazing. Regularly using it for a few days will give the best result.

Badam roghan combined with other products

Alone badam roghan is a wonder product for eyes. When combined with a few other products, it gives amazing results. When combined with honey, the effectiveness of almond oil increases to two-fold. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey are responsible for this. One teaspoon of honey can be mixed a few drops of almond oil and applied around the eyes.

Another amazing product that can be used with almond oil is avocado oil.  Two drops of avocado oil mixed with few almond oil drops can also help in reducing the dark circles.

The final say

At last, it can be said that almond oil is useful for the eyes. When applied topically there is no risk involved. But care should be taken that oil does not enter inside the eye.

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