Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Best Snacks for Busy People

Healthy nutrition is imperative, no matter how busy your life is. Whether your days are packed with office duties or you’re a working mom who just can’t find time to prepare hearty meals every day, you’ll need a quick fix that will offer you all the nutrients you’d otherwise have gotten through a cooked meal. On-the-go snacks are lifesavers as they offer all the vitamins, proteins and fibers the body needs to stay strong, feel vigorous and keep you going through the day. If you’ve been in dire need for healthy snacks that will save you precious time on preparation, you’ll love the following suggestions.

Pre-made smoothies for more energy

Protein is essential for a healthy heart, strong bones, and flawless skin, so mixing up smoothies in advance can save you loads of time in the morning and keep you energized throughout the day. With a healthy smoothie, you’ll take in nutrients galore so get your fruits and veggies ready and start mixing. One of the hacks that will help you have your smoothie ready within a minute is to pre-pack fruits and veggies you want to use for your smoothie, and when it’s time to blend, all you’ll need to do is toss everything in the blender and start smoothing. Get your favorite berries, bananas, spinach, and any other fruits and veggies that would appeal to your taste. Feel free to pack them in bags and store in the freezer if you plan to make smoothies all week long.

Raw snacks packed with vitamins

When you need the perfect mix of sweet, savory, and protein, mix apples with unsweetened almond butter. All you’ll need to make this delicious snack is to cut up one regular apple and dip it in almond butter. Alternatively, apples go great with honey and cinnamon as well. If you’re from New Zealand, you can find delicious manuka honey at the best health food shops around and mix that healthy sweetener flawlessly with the savory taste of apples. If, on the other hand, apples aren’t your cup of tea, think about a mix of celery and all-natural peanut butter. Grab a few celery stalks, cut them up and top with your favorite peanut butter.

Breakfast grains to keep you satiated

Grains are the perfect choice for busy people because they don’t take up much time to prepare, and they’re also packed with proteins to keep you going all day without feeling hungry after only an hour. Make a fruit salad with mango and berries and a scoop of quinoa. With a sweet honey dressing, some basil and lime you’ll get a delicious morning meal. If you like blueberries, combine them with chia seeds, oats, almond milk, vanilla, and maple syrup. Seal it in a container and leave in the fridge overnight. Slivered almonds and half a sliced banana are all you need to top it off in the morning when you’re ready to enjoy this delicious breakfast. You can also heat it in the microwave for a couple of minutes if you’re not a fan of cold breakfast.

Granola bars for healthy meal replacements

The one thing busy people need is a portable, satiating and napkin-free meal they can have on-the-go without thinking about stains or utensils. That’s precisely why you’ll love granola bars. Not only are they a great snack to always carry around, but are also filled with nutrients. Granola bars with a similar amount of sugar and protein are the best choices because they’ll prevent sugar crashes and keep you full for a long time. Pick out the one with between 200 and 300 calories with at least 3 grams of fiber. When you have some extra time at home, think about using it to make your own power bars and know for sure that you’re eating healthy. All you need is a nut butter of your choice, granola or other cereal, fruit, seeds and anything else that tastes good and makes you feel energized.

Final thoughts

Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential if we want to preserve our health. However, with such hectic lives, many of us lead it’s sometimes challenging to adhere to all the healthy rules and have three meals a day with an additional two snacks in between. That’s why healthy snacks are a great solution to all the problems, that will keep you full for a long time and make sure you’re fed all the nutrients your body needs to function properly.



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