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If you continue sleeping on a poor quality mattress for many months, it will take a toll on your health. There is no doubt about the same. Tossing and turning on your bed feeling uncomfortable, spending sleepless nights, sweating, and physical pain are some of the health issues that you face if you do not replace a bad mattress. Whether it is your blood pressure or psychological health, everything depends on the mattress quality.

According to an article published on, you can opt for a custom mattress based on your comfort level and sleeping needs. Some mattress companies provide you with a questionnaire to determine your likes and preferences when it comes to mattress quality. Read on to learn how a bad mattress affects your health.

Weight problems

The human metabolism is very complex. As you grow older, the rate of metabolism fluctuates. The situation worsens if you cannot sleep soundly due to a poor quality mattress. You start experiencing weight problems. With a quality bedding material, this is not the case. You get eight hours of sleep every night, thus helping your body to burn the calories and keeping your metabolism normal. On the contrary, a poor mattress affects your body weight depriving you of sound sleep for a healthy metabolism.

Problem in concentrating

A bad mattress will keep you awake at night, robbing you of consistent sleep. It will make you stressed and when you wake up the next morning, you will feel tired and have difficulty focusing on household and official tasks. Your kids will have concentration issues when assigned a task in the classroom. The same will happen to people working in offices. They will have issues concentrating, thus affecting the quality of their work as well as productivity. Besides, studies show that poor sleep linked to risky teen behaviors usually proves fatal if they feel drowsy while driving on the road. They feel sleepy because they were deprived of a sound sleep at night because of a bad mattress.

Blood pressure issues

Blood pressure is a health hazard that worries all. You may have blood pressure issues if you have an unhealthy diet and poor sleep at night. When it comes to sleep deprivation, your mattress is to blame. Proper sleep helps in controlling your blood pressure levels. Sound sleep throughout the night will reduce your stress levels, essential for a healthy body and mind.

High blood pressure may lead to serious ailments such as heart disease and stroke down the line. Therefore, never sleep on a mattress that makes you feel uncomfortable and keeps you awake at night.

Poor psychological health

If you keep tossing and turning on the bed at night without sleep, you will develop poor psychological health. Lack of sleep for many days and months will affect your mental health. You will wake up irritated, disturbed, sad, and feel depressive in the morning. If you are experiencing these symptoms, your mattress is the culprit, and responsible for your poor mental health. There is no doubt about the same.


Replace your bad mattress with a first-rate bedding material for sound sleep and proper rest at night. You will stay happy and healthy.

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