Medical tourism a crucial factor in growth of the Indian healthcare

The healthcare industry of India has been ranked the fourth-largest employment sector among the other sectors of the country and employs more than 3 Lakh doctors. With the availability of well-trained doctors and other medical facilities, India’s medical tourism sector has also gained pace in success and has managed to bring in patients from various countries around the world.

Individuals are seen to invest more in this sector and have gained quick acceptance. Analysts say that due to this pace, medical tourism in India will massively contribute to the country’s healthcare industry growth. Read on to know-how.

  1. Quality doctors

India splurges in the sector of training and development of doctors and nurses to improve the quality. The availability of skilled NRI doctors has also increased in recent years. Hospitals hire multilingual nurses and assistant to overcome the language barrier and assist patients from around the world.

  1. Pocket-friendly expenses

India has a lower cost of living, which makes medical and other expenditures reasonable. They provide quality medical services at affordable rates compared to the rest of the world. Catching up with the advancement of technology, medical tourism sector provides lybrate for doctors that help them to keep in touch with their patients and consult them online.

  1. Fast service

As mentioned above, India employs a massive number of individuals. This ensures the availability of staff to attend the patients and visitors, reducing the waiting time. They have proper attenders to maintain patient engagement and help them at every step.

  1. Comfortable travel

The medical tourism in India is putting immense effort to make patient logistics comfortable and stress-free. The Government of India has introduced medical visas for individuals around the world. This visa enables a patient to stay in the country for a specific period and complete their medical procedures and consultation.

  1. Skilled workers

The healthcare industries hire trained professionals for all purposes such as for the billing department, nurses and receptionists to make paperwork and other tasks easily manageable. They have also incorporated specific practice management software, which makes the work more convenient and fast.

  1. Laboratory and other amenities

The healthcare industries maintain a good number of laboratories and other facilities like adequate waiting rooms, etc. to create a comfortable environment for their patients. They also maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness of their laboratories, thus ensuring the health and safety of the patients.

If you are planning to invest in this sector, consider the above points as a handy guide for doctors in medical tourism sector. However, planning your start-up in the medical tourism sector may seem to be a little challenging owing to the considerable funds it requires.

Several financial institutions and NBFCs provide loans and other financial products to help you deal with such challenges. Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC that provides Doctor Loan and other financial products at an attractive interest rate as a source of finance. They also offer faster approval, online account access, substantial loan amount, minimum documentation and other lucrative benefits.

Such loans and their terms will depend on your CIBIL score and repayment capability. Before you invest, make sure you keep in mind certain factors such as having flexible service timing.  Maintain proper food and beverage quality, adequate availability of medicines and medical equipment. Also, keep a proper track on the expenses and expenditures that you make. In addition to the above, they also provide other benefits such as parking space, cafeteria, restrooms, etc. to the patients and their visitors. Owing to their facilities and services, medical tourism in India has received massive acceptance from patients all around the world.

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