7 Latest medical technology advances : You Need to Know

Technology and medicine have now become complimentary these days. Many doctors and medical institutions are taking help of technologies to help take care of the patients. Technology in the last decade could produce many unimaginable techniques in the medical science which are like giving second birth to the patients.

Medical Advance Technology

Be it 3D printing or remote heart operation, technology played a vital role in the field of medical. There are n numbers of medical advancement. However, let us go through some of them. Given below are some of the technological advances that have made patient’s life a lot better than before.


3D Printing is something scientists and doctors are using to create human body parts. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Organovo is a company in San Diego, dedicated to print out human livers. What’s more, it is expected to have a liver transplant – and a successful one – by the year 2020. 3D Printing can also be used for printing denture materials, orthodontic appliances along with hearing aids and customized prostheses. It is one rapidly developing phenomenon, that’s for sure!

  • Wireless brain sensors

According to the online sources, there are considerable medical advances in this particular field, owing a lot to plastics. The latest development is the wireless brain sensors. It is nothing but creation of bioresorbable electronics, which upon placing in the brain, will dissolve after they have done their work and healed it and there is no doubt that it is among the most sought technological advancements in the field of medical science. Quite an innovation!

  • Bionic Eye

The bionic eye is nothing but artificial eye, which uses a camera, fixed into the user’s glasses. The data collected by the camera is then communicated to the user’s retinal implant via electrical messages. Just recently, a wireless bionic eye was developed in Australia, which will be tested on humans around the year-end. It is supposed to restore enough sight so that a blind individual would be able to function in an even better way.

  • Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the best invention of today’s World. There are a lot of sophisticated tools which helps to experience the things they wouldn’t have usually experienced. It’s a literal boon as the biggest breakthrough technologies for the patients as it helps with diagnosis and treatments, patient rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Seizure

Seizures are almost always caused by Epilepsy, which is a serious brain disorder, with the main symptom being this seizures. It seriously affects the victim’s lifestyle, with more than 40 million people suffering from it worldwide. To fight this, the RNS System I.e. Responsive Neuro Stimulation, was developed by a company called Neuro  Pace; it seems that this system will have a positive influence on these patients. This is possible to explore the technologies such as new mobile ui design trends for implementing these advanced techniques.

  • Telehealth

This smart-World is now technology assimilated, and hence many of the customers – around 60% – opt for digitally-led services these days. Telehealth is nothing but a technology that allows patients to get medical attention with the use of digital devices. The recent example would be the development of apps which lets connect with doctors at a meager fee. You can video call them and explain what ails you – it’s that simple!

  • Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are a big deal, leading people in the dark abyss called blindness. Current treatments include replacing the affected lens with a new, efficient and artificial one. The operation is many times successful, with the patients getting better, improved vision after the necessary operation.

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Scientists are engaging in creating new technologies which help doctors treating the patients in more advanced way. It’s no wonder that technology will continue to transform the medical field, and subsequently, will end the sufferings. That day is not far away when even Cancer would have something as easy as a pill to cure it!

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