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Morning Walk Safety Tips You Need To Know

Morning walk has long been considered as a simple, yet highly effective workout for every age group. In today’s busy schedule, the easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by walking regularly. A morning walk of 30 minutes every day creates similar results of 2 hours at a gym. It’s easy on the heart and joints, enhances your mood, increases blood flow, and keeps you motivated throughout the day.

However, enjoying a morning walk during early morning hours come with its own unique set of risks. Low visibility, traffic, etc. can cause unfortunate incidents. That is why while walking outside, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned pedestrian safety rules and ensure financial security with a morning walk cover.

Some morning walk safety tips to consider

  • Face the traffic while walking

When walking on the side of the road with no footpath, always face the oncoming traffic. This increases awareness of incoming traffic and helps prevent mishaps.

  • Be attentive while on the road

You should always be alert and stay aware of runners, bikers, and cars. Make way for them to prevent collisions, which can lead to serious injury.

  • Keep the music low

If you wear headphones while walking, always use it in lower volumes to hear sounds of horns, cars, warnings from passers-by, etc. It’s better to avoid walking without any type of headphones or earphones altogether for maximum safety.

  • Avoid being a predictable target

Following the same route for a morning walk, every day makes you a predictable and easy target for thieves or pickpockets. Providing your details on social media can also risk your safety. So, refrain from sharing your daily routine publicly or going on the same path.

  • Refrain from taking calls unless urgent

Talking over the phone not only hampers your walk but also distracts you, making you more vulnerable to dangers, snatchers, road accidents, etc.

  • Be attentive about your surroundings

Potholes, water, manhole, etc. can easily cause an accident and injure you while walking. Hence, always be attentive to the surrounding, especially when you are walking alone.

  • Carry an ID

Keep an ID along with the contact numbers of your close ones so that they can be contacted in case of an emergency. This aids in receiving immediate help if you meet with an accident. You can add a wallet care plan to cover yourself against any financial loss incurred if you lose your wallet.

  • Put on the correct shoes

Wearing the proper shoes is vital to be comfortable while walking. It also improves stepping and prevents blisters from occurring while you walk.

Along with these, one of the most important safety tips is to buy a morning walk accident insurance policy in India. These insurance plans provide financial coverage against the medical expenses caused due to accidents on your morning walk.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offer easy-to-avail Pocket Insurance plans like morning walk insurance for comprehensive financial protection.

What are the benefits of a morning walk cover?

There are several benefits of this customized insurance scheme. Below are some of those:

  1. Enjoy high-value sum insured of up to Rs. 3 Lakh at a premium of only Rs. 599.
  2. Policy validity for an entire year.
  3. Easily pay the premiums via your chosen mode of payment like mobile wallets, UPI, debit or credit cards, online transfers, etc.
  4. Receive coverage in case of permanent, partial or total disability, accident, and death.
  5. The morning walk insurance policy also offers up to Rs. 25,000 as ambulance expenses.

To avail this insurance plan, you must be within 18 to 70 years of age. Apply for the plan online by filling out the simple application form, and pay the premium to complete the process. In case you face an unfortunate accident, you can contact the customer care team through the financer’s website, email or toll-free number to claim the policy.

As chances of accidents are more in the morning, it is always recommended to purchase customized health insurance plans for safety. Protect yourself against any kind of financial loss caused due to a mishap during morning walks.

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