Online Medical Billing The Complete Process

Online Medical Billing: The Complete Process

The medical billing process allows medical providers to acquire payment for their services which have been rendered to the patient from an insurance company.

These companies are usually private or government-sponsored. In the past, the billing process was done through the filing of paper forms however, due to technological advancements, numerous billing software has been developed to replace the paper way of doing things.

Websites offering great interfaces for online use have been developed. Due to the rise in workload and pressure, many medical providers have resorted to engaging other companies to provide medical billing services for them. This kind of setup has been adopted by many as it has over time proven to save time, reduce costs and minimize errors.

Medical Billing Process

The insurance companies act as third parties in paying their clients’ expenses accrued by accessing medical services.

The payments are done in response to claims raised by the medical providers. The payment process is not an instantaneous procedure that occurs right away but it can range from a couple of days to even months before it is processed.

Usually, medical providers are contracted by insurance companies to provide health care services to their clients through the use of medical aid cards.

Once the patient has been tested, diagnosed or operated, billing codes are brought up.

These codes help insurance companies in calculating the amount of money they have to pay.

After the codes have been processed through the billing processes, claims are sent to the insurance company for payment.

Types of Claims


These are claims that are actually paid to the medical providers for their service rendered. Usually, the amount paid is a portion of the whole bill that has been accrued as per agreements are done by the two parties; the insurance company and the medical providers.


Claims tagged as such have been found not to be payable. This type of claim can either be corrected or sent back for reconsideration.


A rejected claim is usually an unprocessed claim due to incorrect client personal information like the patient name and verification number not matching or even wrong billing diagnoses codes.

These types of claims cannot be appealed as they will not have been processed. Rejected claims are often corrected and resent again to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Online Billing Services

Medical professions can be very demanding hence requiring too much continuous attention. In these kinds of situations, a lot of billing paperwork is usually left unattended. Medical billing is an attention-demanding task on its own.

The only easy way out is to acquire online medical billing services from other companies specializing in that.

Advantages of Online Medical Billing Services

  • Through the use of computers and advanced software, mistakes are very minimal and hence reduces the risk of rejected claims.
  • Time and labour are reduced as most of the processes are done automatically.
  • The billing processes can be done anytime and anywhere with just a simple internet connection and a computer or capable device.
  • There are fewer inconveniences as appointments can be easily set up online.
  • Practitioners have full access to the billing process and databases so as to monitor the processes and be able to alter any procedures on demand.

Choosing the Best Medical Billing Company in India

  • The service provider must have a good reputation, evaluated through reviews and stats. They must be dedicated to their work so that payments are maximized and cases of rejected or declined claims reduced significantly.
  • The service provider must be ISO certified to ensure international standards and professional conduct.
  • It’s also wise to know the number of a provider’s clients as well as the number of staff to ensure fewer inconveniences due to overload of the provider.
  • Take note of the operating time and their accuracy levels which will give convincing guarantees of receiving claims in time.

You need to check the technology and software that the provider uses. It needs to be current and up-to-date so that there is no risk of information loss through computer malfunctions or compromises from data theft stemming from a lack of online security against cybercrime activities.

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