Red Flags That Indicate Your Mattress Needs To Be Cleaned Urgently For Your Good Health

The cleanliness of your mattress may have far-reaching effects on your health quite apart from the hygiene factor. While periodic cleaning of your mattress is recommended to keep it clean and make it last longer, often, you may neglect the task until there are some obvious signs that alert you to the need for cleaning your mattress urgently. A quick look at some red flags:

Bed Bugs Are Bothering You

If you waking up regularly with symptoms that look like insect bites, and your skin has red rashes, it is quite likely that your mattress has been infested by bed bugs.

You can try your best to remove them by stripping away the bed sheet and mattress cover and washing them in very hot water. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly taking care to scrub all the surfaces with a hard brush to dislodge the bed bugs and their eggs.

If possible, expose the mattress to direct sunlight. If the bug infestation is really bad, you may need to use insecticides in either aerosol or dust form to contain them.

Using mattress encasement can also be effective in trapping the bugs inside the mattress. If you are looking for a bed bug resistant mattress cover, you will not be asking the question Is my Pillow worth it?”

You Start Wheezing or Coughing Persistently At Night

If you seem to have difficulty in breathing or are coughing continuously at night, the real culprit could be dust mites. Dust mites are eight-legged insects that are so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. The mattress is a happy hunting ground for them since they can feed off the dead skin cells that are shed from our bodies while you sleep and flourish in the damp caused by your sweat. As per, a whole host of allergic reactions like wheezing, runny nose, inflamed skin, skin itchiness, red eyes, persistent coughing, etc. can be sparked off by dust mites in case your immune system senses the waste produced by dust mites as germs and responds by producing antibodies. Reducing the humidity level in the bedroom, thorough vacuuming, and regular washing of the bed sheets and mattress cover in warm water can be effective in controlling dust mites.

Smells Bad

If your mattress is becoming smelly, it can be due to a variety of reasons like dust build up, excessive dampness due to humidity, bodily fluids or spilling of food and beverages. Vacuuming the mattress, spot cleaning stains, and regular washing of the bed sheets and the mattress cover is essential. Let the mattress air in the open air without being directly exposed to the sunlight. The use of organic deodorizers after thoroughly cleaning and airing the mattress can usually restore normalcy.


A dirty mattress can create serious problems for your health unless you take care to clean it regularly. The allergic reactions can keep you from getting adequate sleep, which in turn can lead to additional health complications. Ensuring frequent washing of the bed sheet and the mattress cover and vacuuming the mattress thoroughly can usually help to prevent common health hazards.

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