Top Foods to Avoid After Gall Bladder Surgery

Every patient who has had a gall bladder removal is unable to eat as much as he used to before the surgery. They also experience recurrent pain and the urge to go to the bathroom immediately after eating. The reason behind this is that gall bladder is responsible for storing the bile which is released by the liver. In the absence of the gall bladder, the bile cannot be stored anywhere and makes its way into the large intestine. This causes abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

This is why once gall bladder has been removed, people need to be more careful with the foods which they eat. Even though this may dissuade people from enjoying the dishes which they used to earlier, it will also help them lead a healthier life.

According to gall bladder specialists, some of the top foods which people who do not have their gall bladder should avoid are –

Fried Food

This category of food is the worst for the digestive system and once the gall bladder is removed there is nothing to break down the high-fat content in such foods. This is because the bile which is needed to break down the fat is no longer being stored in the gall bladder.

Some of the top fried foods to avoid are –

• Fried fish
• French fries
• Onion rings
• Fried chicken
• Hash browns
• Chicken cutlet

Greasy Foods

These categories of foods should be avoided for the same reason as fried foods, i.e. the fat content in them is too high for the digestive system to break it down comfortably. The question that arises is – how to understand which foods are greasy? The simple answer is that anything which causes our hands and napkins to become oily is known as greasy foods. The oil makes its way into the digestive tract wherein the absence of bile it cannot be managed properly.

Some of the top foods to avoid include –

• Bacon
• Hamburgers
• Cheese pizza
• Fatty cuts of meat
• Heavy or creamed gravies

Vegetable Oils

Our bodies require a balance of omega-6 and 3 fatty acids. After the removal of the gall bladder the ability to absorb fat by the body is compromised. The best recourse thus is to limit the amount of vegetable oil in the diet.

Convenience Foods

These are those foods which are very easy to obtain, taste great but are very bad for our health. This is because of the high levels of sugar and refined grains which can lead to various health ailments such as diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the top foods to avoid in this category include –

• Cakes
• Cookies
• Crackers
• Potato Chips
•Tortilla Chips, and
• Other pre-packaged and baked goods

Lastly, the volume of liquids taken during meals should be restricted during meals as it aids in digestion and having small meals at regular intervals instead of large portions after long hours. Following these steps will surely aid in leading a better quality of life after your gall bladder surgery.

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