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7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Injury at Work

Getting injured in your working place is so common in United States of America that almost 2 million people get injured every year even after taking so many safety measures by both the employee and employer.

While it’s employers duty to have all the required and necessary safety measures at the work place while it’s all employees duty to follow all that is instructed to them for their safety. And an employer should always keep a check on their employees to be sure that they are following all the instructions so that they can avoid any injury at their work place.

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An injury can cost you a lot not just the loss of money but also the loss of your valuable time and work too which can put the hindrance in your work life.

To avoid all this here are following measures which one can take and can make sure that they are safe :-


  1. Be Alert:-

    Staying alert is the first thing you can do and you must do to avoid any injury. Being aware is not a very hard task or require any kind of training or special skills, one just has to stay aware of their surroundings. You should keep an eye on your surroundings like floors, staircase, ceilings or types of machinery and if you find any problem or anything which is not normal just inform you authorities.

  2. Obey Posted Signs and Instructions:-

    Always look for any kind of signs or instructions posted near you. And make sure you follow them properly and stay away from getting into any problem and end up getting injured. If you stay aware of all this you will not only keep yourself safe but also can make others aware of that and can help many others.

  3. Dress Appropriately:-

    This may seem very weird but this is one point that many people avoid and that cause serious injuries to people. Many workplaces have restrictions to wear some specific kind cloth due to many reasons like some workplaces have restrictions to wearing clothes that can catch fire easily because those workplaces are working with product s that can produce fire. So be sure to keep in mind the instructions which are provided to you and dress accordingly.

  4. Know the Possible Risk :-

    Be aware of the place where you are going to work, if you are joining new than make sure to know every single detail of what kind of workplace you are going to work in, as someplace deals with chemicals which can get into your organs through the oxygen as they get mixed into them easily. Do not perform any task at your workplace without taking the advice from your supervisor if you are not sure of how to do that.

  5. Install Necessary Safety Measures:-

    If you are the employer than make sure you pride a safe environment to work, that way your employees will feel safe to come to work and it will more productive for you in terms of work. Make sure you have necessary safety measures installed at your workplace, such as fire extinguishers, first kit, etc. so that in case of an emergency you and your workplace is prepared for it. With such equipment present at your workplace you will not only feel safe but also they will come handy during any injury to anyone.

  6. Balance Staff:-

    Having lesser staff has come up as the most common reason for workplace injuries. If you have lesser staff than it is for sure that the working staff is overburdened with work and have to work more than what they should. This makes them exhausted and tiered which results in negligence and injuries.

  7. Follow Safety Programs:-

    If your employer is having any meeting or any seminar regarding the health and safety training to be taken at your place, do attend them and become aware of all and know what to do in case of an emergency.

While it is not possible to eliminate the work place injuries totally. But you can prevent them by being aware and alert.

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