What Informed Consent is Important for Circumcision Surgery in Adults?

When you go to any clinic or hospital to have a surgical procedure; they don’t just take you to the operation theatre and have the operation. There is a very lengthy procedure of having all necessary information gathered before starting the whole process.

Along with this collection of data, there is another important process that has to be done. It is having informed consent of circumcision surgery in adults. Like other procedures in circumcision, it is vital to have the approval of the patient because it is a part of the codes of ethics that all surgeons have to follow.

What is Informed Consent?

Why this process is a long one? This is a question that every person thinks about. The answer is that in it the full information about the patient has to be assembled; the patient is made aware of various vital factors of the circumcision surgery and properly taken permission to go ahead in the surgical operation. This whole course of action must strictly obey the recommendations of medical ethics.

Constituents of Informed Consent

A few points should always be kept in mind prior to having approved of the consent of the patient. A guideline must be followed so that honest compliance is achieved by the patient. The below mentioned are the instructions to note down;

Reveal the Details

Each and every detail; from the smallest to the largest must be given to the patient. If the surgeon will hide any particulars then firstly, it will be against the code of ethics and secondly, it could damage the trust of the patient. So everything must be as clear as the sky in front of the patient.

The Patient must be willing

Not any case the patient of the adult circumcision must be forced to have the surgery. He must be given the freedom of thinking about the whole procedure. The patient must not be forcefully pushed into it but his conclusion must be inclining.

The decision of the Patient

No other person has the authority to take a decision on behalf of the patient. It is wholly and solely for the patient to make up his mind. One thing to note here is that the surgeons must respect whatever the decision the patient will take; whether it is yes or no.

Patient of Sound Mind

No ethical code around the world allows a doctor or surgeon to perform the operation if the patient not understanding and is not of sound mind. A mentally disable or unstable is not qualified for any type of operation.

Informed Consent in Circumcision Surgery in Adults

How to get the consent of a patient to have circumcision done? Every clinic in the US including Circumcision Center has special rules and instructions to follow in order to obtain a green for the go-ahead for the surgery. After successfully completing the following procedure; only then the patient can continue with the treatment.

Explanation of the Procedure

A good and honest surgeon is the one who has the ability to accurately explain the whole procedure of circumcision to the patients. The surgeon should start from how the surgery will be done till what precautions must be taken before, during and after the surgery. Sometimes the patients are of faint heart so in such case the doctor can skip the parts which cause discomfort to the patient. Otherwise, no detail must be left out.

Alternate Methods

The surgeon must also inform the willing patient about various techniques that can be sued for the surgical procedure. There are many tools that are used for circumcision and the patient can decide for himself which apparatus he wants to be operated with.

Tell about the Risks

There is little risk present in all operations even the minor ones have it. Likewise, in this operation risk is there but the patient must not worry as it is very normal to have some postoperative conditions but it should be advised that the patient visits the clinic if the condition worsens.

What is Reason

A clear reason for the surgery must be known. Although it has very little importance still it is a part of the informed consent. The reasons can religious, medical or cosmetic; if the operation is for religious or cultural purpose then a person to explain the requirement should be present to describe the reasons.

Choice of Anesthesia

The patient should be given the full liberty to choose the type of anesthesia he wants to be sedated with. At times patients are not comfortable with different kinds of medications and especially anesthesia. So independence should be given to select the sedative.

The doctor must know any Complications

It is the duty of the surgeon to ask the patient about any allergies, complications or having any other problem regarding their general health. If the patient informs in positive then the surgeon must prepare for the operation accordingly.

After acquiring the informed consent for the patient of the circumcision surgery in adults; the surgeons can go ahead and conduct the surgical procedure with ease and confidence.

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