Why should one take the Medical Coding and Billing Course?

Industry-wise growth in the healthcare sector is immense. Creation of amazing job opportunities in this field is the consequent result. Amongst the bevy of careers, medical coding and billing job is poised to become the next big job in the market due to its immense scope and job security

Why Medical Coding and Billing is a Secured Job?

As already stated that the healthcare sector is on a new high. Reasons that support the booming industry are the increasing number of the aging population in the world (Baby Boomer generation men and women have aged) which demand more advanced medicare facilities and the subsequent establishment of multispecialty hospitals and private clinics/ nursing homes. Worldwide, there is a great demand for healthcare professionals who have expertise in medical coding and billing.

Demand for Degree and Certification Courses in Medical Coding

The demand for medical coders has urged top colleges and institutions to consider medical coding course. AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) approved academies/colleges provide Associate degree or certification courses in:

  • CPC (Certified Professional Coder)
  • CPC-P (Certified Professional Coder –Payer)
  • CIC (Certified Inpatient Coder)
  • CRC (Certified Risk Adjustment Coder)

As far as medical coding course eligibility is concerned, science graduates, part-time workers, housewives and speech and hearing-impaired people can consider taking up such courses. Once you have earned a degree/ certification you can apply for the job of a medical coder at several healthcare facilities and insurance companies.

Why Should You Consider Taking up Medical Coding and Billing Course?

Career Scope – Medical coding job is definitely a lucrative job because it opens up several interesting employer options for progressing your career path. You can diversify into relevant other professions in the industry like working as a patient account representative, as an insurance claims reviewer and reimbursement specialist in medicare insurance companies.

Earning Potential – High pay packet is a good reason to take up the medical coding job. As per the reports of BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average medical coding salary of a worker, earned in a year, is approximately $40,000. There are only a few other jobs which can match up to the high earning potential of a medical coder.

Changes in the Industry – Healthcare has advanced and so has the processes and regulations of the industry. There is a need of certified coders who have the aptitude to translate medical reports, diagnosis, lab findings into internationally recognized alphanumeric codes because there have been vast changes in regulations and policies of medical billing companies. The coders facilitate the process of insurance claims by preparing a smart and short document with all necessary details related to patients’ diagnosis, treatments, and medical services. The compiled record is universally accepted and comprehended by doctors and healthcare workers across nations.

Security and Stability – The job of a medical coder is least expected to suffer a recession in the purview of the tremendous growth of the industry. Good pay coupled with job surety is the ideal combination that a job aspirant looks for.

Wok Flexibility – Flexible work hours and the ability to work from home are other reasons that are encouraging more students for medical coding and billing course at reputed training organizations.

Finally, working in the healthcare industry earns you goodwill. So why not be an integral part of the sector as a medical coder?


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