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Getting High Rise Window Cleaning Done By Professionals

Managing a high rise building, be it residential, hotel, resort, office, shopping center, an educational institute is really important and keeping the windows clean is a top priority as it is visible to the people from outside. High rise window cleaning is a difficult task and requires specialists who have the right equipment to access and clean windows of the high towers. It is different compared to residential homes as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most important factor here is how to access the place. It is not possible to build a structure to clean high rise windows as it would affect many people. The other factor includes weather conditions and the design of the building. Once the specialist checks out the structure and design, they can plan how to access it properly to clean it and provide a time frame in which it can be done.

It is considered to be a high-risk task and in order to reduce the chances of injury to any work, all equipment used to clean the windows are attached by a clip or lanyard to the people that are working on cleaning the windows. It prevents any equipment from accidentally falling down and injuring people. Taking into consideration the risks involved, it is important to make sure that professional high rise window cleaning service providers are hired for the job. It needs to be a well-known company with proper equipment at their disposal. Here are some questions that an owner should ask while hiring the service.

How they would access the place?

It is a really important question as some of the buildings are located on really busy streets. Top service providers that offer rope access service would be required to get it done. Without rope access, it is a dangerous task and satisfactory results won’t be achieved.

Whether they provide free quotes?

While getting the quote a client can understand a lot about the service provider. It is great to judge their professionalism and how they plan on delivering the service. If the service providers don’t seem meticulous at this stage, it is not likely that they would give any extra time or effort in getting the job done.

What problems do they take care of while cleaning?

Asking the service providers what products they use and what problems or marks they get rid of is necessary. Making sure that they remove salt residue, dust, pollen, and hard water stains is important. There are companies that even offer to restore scratches and damaged glass. Asking whether they provide interior window cleaning service as part of their high rise one is another good question.

The experts use specific tools that are appropriate for the height, size and different types of windows according to the design. Windows on residential high rise buildings, office blocks, commercial facilities, and hospitals can only be reached using rope access equipment such as power lifts and suspended rigging platforms. They also used products that are effective in removing grime, dust, salt residue, pollen, and suborn water stains to provide a crystal clear finish. These products are made to keep the windows clean and free from squeegee streaks and soap marks.

This needs to be done every couple of months and mostly after season changes and sudden changes in weather conditions. It is also a good way to keep the tenants happy as everyone loves to live in a good looking place.

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