How to Decorate your Home Garden

Gardens are part of our homes which take us closer to nature. Owning a garden in the midst of a concrete jungle is a blessing itself. To add more elegance and beauty to your gardens you can take a look at the ABC catalog or just go through the tips and suggestions that we have compiled together.

  1. Ornaments

Ornaments can come handy to add the finishing to the garden. They can be your guide for shaping and utilizing outdoor space.  An old iron-gate that marks your entry to the green world, a lantern hung from a tree that questions your perspective, a rustic wooden bench that inspires you to nap. All these ornate items are pretty, and purposely placed in order to offer subtle yet effective cues: look up, turn around, slow down, etc. Use of ornate mirrors amidst green plants reflects the garden and makes it appear bigger. They also offer a garden finished look throughout the year. Take care that you don’t overdo it.

  1. Stone backgrounds

Use a lot of green shades of plants and trees like cypress, Chinese elms, pepper, acanthus, rosemary, white iceberg roses, and Virginia creeper against stone backgrounds and stone ornaments. This setting makes both the elements pop out equally. Avoid highly colorful landscape as decorative articles can get lost in them easily.

  1. Garden Entrance

Make your garden entrance drool-worthy by using heavy-duty metal rods to create archway laden with blooming creepers. Use cobblestones or natural pebbles to create and lead the pathway to the entrance. Line the pathway with small flower bushes like peach lemonade roses, potentilla, hydrangea, etc. You can plant a single type of plant or alternate two plants along the pathways. Planting more than two different varieties may cause clutter and result in disarray.

  1. Lighting

Many garden landscapes turn into romantic wonderlands with the glimmer of the moon. Use hung up lanterns from the branches and boughs of a tree to give old-world vibe. A tall street like lampposts helps punctuate patios and light up the paths. Twinkle lights can be used to illuminate sitting areas and create a warm, cozy and blissful ambiance.

  1. Recycle and Upcycle

Gardens give us many opportunities to reuse old utilities in many different ways. You can use old Mason or Kilner jars, wrought teapots, chinaware bowls, watering cans and even worn out shoes to plant saplings instead of traditional pots or convert old shoe rack into a vertical garden. Dilapidated drawers and chests, out-of-use carts, strollers and wagons make great little flower beds. Slabs and broken chunks of concrete which are known as urbanite are great options for building raised beds, garden walls, flagstones like patios and paths.

  1. Use plants as ornaments

Certain plants like Italian cypress and rosettes of Agave attenuate are genetically architectural. These plants can be used to highlight and guide along the paths and passages across the gardens. Deck up fences with pretty blossoming shrubs or use them as a trellis to support vines and creepers.

  1. Outdoor Furnishing

The style and pattern of tables and chairs that you select definitely has a big effect on the overall appearance of your garden. You need to make sure that they fit the theme and complement other decorative articles and materials. In general, synthetic resin wickers, aluminum, steel, and teak are popular raw materials for outdoor furniture. Purchase mildew and mold free cushions and pillows for outdoor use. Wicker and bamboo chairs, hammocks, aluminum dining sets, iron dining set, etc are some of the furnishing options available for gardens. Select furniture that is lightweight and easy to move around.

  1. Showcase Plant Collection

Single out your favorite potted plants and place them on counters or pedestals where they can be admired. If you plant them amongst others, chances are they may go unnoticed. Here, you can make them stand out and study their unique shape and features at an eye level.

Final words

Incorporating various factors like ornate articles, recycled materials, plants, cobblestones, decor items, light yet stylish outdoor furnishing, pleasing garden entrance and the right amount of lighting can surely turn your garden into the beautiful and mesmerizing paradise.

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