How to Find the Right Removals Company for Your Move

Shifting homes can be a big task, especially if you have a big house. There are a variety of things to take along with you, and it is not easy to do it properly and systematically. Shopping for moving companies is very hectic work.

From long-distance packers and movers to local companies using rental equipment and trucks, there are many companies to consider. So before you choose a company, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Get some recommendations and referrals

Be sure to consult your family members, friends, coworkers, or any other known person about the mover companies. If any of them has experience with a company, they will provide you information about the performance and quality of the company’s performance. You can also search on the internet or ask your real estate agents, but it can be a difficult task.

Get quotes from different companies

Don’t settle for the first estimate you receive. You should get price estimates from different companies and compare them. No company can give you a proper estimate without seeing your stuff. They should visit your home to see what items you need to move and the costs they can charge. Also, you can know about other issues like the number of goods to be transferred, valuable objects, etc. All the movers Gold Coast offer affordable services to customers.

Discuss Packing should beforehand

Every company will not give you the option to pack your stuff. Many people also tend to pack their valuable stuff and goods themselves. It’s your choice whether you want the company to do your packing or you’ll do it yourself. The company should have the right material to pack your stuff. Proper label the packages, so that it is easy for you to unpack once you move to your new home.

Make sure the mover is licensed and insured

It’s essential to check beforehand whether the company is properly licensed and insured or not. If the company isn’t licensed, it could mean a huge risk for your belongings. Your stuff could get broken or stolen on the way. You can visit the company’s website and check their license information on their webpage or about us page. If you still have any doubts, you can call and ask the company for proof of their license and insurance. Do not strike a deal with a company unless you are sure and trust them completely.

Watch out for warning signs

Keep an eye out for red flags and warning signs during the estimate. For example, most well known and good companies don’t ask for any money in advance. If the company seems in a hurry and asks for cash in advance, it might be a fraud. Also, notice the professionalism of the company. If you aren’t sure about the company’s work and they are unable to answer your queries and demands, you should look for some other company.

Check the reviews on their website

Checking reviews from former users is an excellent way to assess the company. If the majority of people have good reviews and are satisfied with the company’s work, then it is safe to trust the company. But if people are unhappy and do not like their work, then you should look for a better company for your move. Be sure to read many reviews so that you have a proper understanding of the company’s credentials.

Ask about their moving equipment

There can be a huge variety of services offered by various moving companies. There are national franchises which have heavy equipment and resources as well as independent owners who may rent out a truck for a single job. To get an idea about the company, ask about their equipment. If you have some special items which need a crane or a forklift, the moving company should know what equipment to use and if they have it available or not. A moving company might be unavailable for some time because of rental availability.

Talk about the insurance

Always be sure the company you choose has a proper insurance policy. Clarify with them the process to claim insurance in case anything happens to your goods on the way. Decide with them what will happen if they don’t deliver your goods by the said time. Before the moving day, tell the company about special instructions regarding your stuff that needs extra care.


You should feel comfortable with your moving company choice. Choosing affordable professionals to move your stuff from point A to point B is the ultimate goal. It is a challenge to sort through different companies, so thing carefully and hire removals company you trust for the moving job you need from them.

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