Signs that indicate when the pool needs service and Maintenance

When your premises are well equipped and (of course) blessed with a pool it is the best way to have some relaxation and fun time either with family, friends or with oneself. Swimming is also considered as one of the best exercises. It refreshes the body and mind. When the temperature sore high, diving into the pool makes one relaxed, achieving the pure bliss.  Before getting our toes into the pool, it is crucial to make sure the pool is healthy and well-maintained. Pools are capable of refreshing our mind and body physically emotionally; A tidy pool can block us from leveraging the advantages of the swimming pool.

Most of the people here neglect regular cleaning and maintaining a pool. Either because they are not aware of the signs which indicate when the pool demands maintenance or they simply have no clue how dangerous it can be to dive into the unhealthy swimming pool. This article will guide through the signs which indicate when your pool needs service and maintenance and its hazardous effects.

5 signs that the pool needs maintenance repair and maintenance:

When we notice any changes in the pool that are not usual, it is a wise decision to contact professional pool cleaning services.

Small pool cleaning service can be self-done. However, there are many other aspects that need detail and professional attention. Here are the signs:

Malfunctioning heater

Taking a dive into the pool in cold weather can be an amazing life-long experience. But it can lead us to various health issues if the pool remains consistently cold even in summers.

It comes as no surprise that if the pool is cool, means the pool heater is not functioning properly. This can be due to a couple of reasons such as broken pipes, unlogged pipes which block the adequate water flow to effectively heat the pool.

One small heating problem can create a chain of problems if not resolved at the right time.


Cracked wall

Concrete pools are the same as a concrete wall. It can develop cracks over time.

Cracks can be born due to several reasons but, if they are fixed at the initial stage they can lead to serious and expensive leakage in the future.

This is definitely a sign that needs immediate attention. Cracks that lead to water leakage can waste the pool water, spoiling your surroundings.

Broken or damaged lights

Hitting the pool is always fun and entertaining, and if it has amazing lights, it can double the fun. But yes, broken or damaged lights can be very dangerous. Water and electricity is a dangerous combination.

Repairing the broken lights is something that can make into a DIY project.

Any incorrect method can be extremely dangerous. Leave the light work to the experienced professionals and contact the best pool service today. For Sydney’s best pool service, give a call to Pool Central.

Green water

Green pool water indicates the presence of algae growing into the pools. Algae can be found at the sides and bottom of the pool.

They are harmful to health and skin. To enjoy the unlimited fun of pool, it is very crucial to keep the water clean and hygiene.


Blocked sand filter and pipework

A clean pool is what we fancy about. Filters are a great way to keep the pool clean and untidy. If we notice water becoming dirty it is because the filters are not functioning properly and dirty water can harm our skin, causing numerous health and skin problems.

To achieve the best cleaning results, it is better to call the professionals. They use appropriate products for cleaning the pool.

To know more about what pool service and maintenance can gift your pool, visit Pool Central, the ultimate provider of pool services in Sydney.

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