Six Ideas to Paint and Decorate Your Chelsea Home Walls!

When your home gets old and you yearn to live in a place that fills vibrancy and freshness into the void, all you need to do is to repaint it. Give a new touch to your lovely abode by splashing colors in different ways and see how you are going to fall in love with it and how your neighbors and relatives are going to be envious of it.

Though the traditional way of painting walls is the most simplistic, common, and easiest one, trying different decorative paint techniques this time can really add a charm –the most basic necessity of a dream home. To maintain a professional touch and immaculate finish, it is best if you prefer to get help by hiring reliable and prompt painters and decorators services.

Let’s take a look at what options you have when it comes to painting your sweet little home.

Stencils – for People who love Designs and Patterns:

Creating a new design on the wall may seem daunting to you as there is a great scope for making mistakes and accidental smudging. Extensively popular among DIY enthusiasts, stenciling is a great way to make your walls interesting and beautiful by creating amazing patterns and designs. But, for people who want impeccable finishing and attractiveness, it is worth to spend some on professionals too.

Choose a stencil that matches your interests and fanciness and comb the Internet for beautiful ideas. There is no lack of ideas as the Internet is teeming with stencil inspirations.

Stripes – a Classic way to Infuse Character in the Walls:

This technique has never lost its charm and stood the test of time right from the beginning of its usage. This timeless decor staple always looks fresh and voguish. Besides, there are countless possibilities and ways to incorporate this painting decor technique. Thin and subtle stripes are the ideal way for achieving an outstanding, serene texture while big and bold contrasting stripes will help you achieve copious visual flair and act as a signature texture in your home.

The only thing in this technique that matters a lot and can change the outlook of viewers is flawlessness. So, painters and decorators services will be the savior in such a tricky painting technique which apparently seems too easy.

Metallics – for a Luxurious and more Layered Look:

Paint the main wall or some part of the drawing room with a metallic hue to make it a showstopper. What’s special about this technique is that there are umpteen ways to apply it. Either you can paint a full or partial wall to achieve a more stylish, layered look or you can paint the entire room to make it look opulent.

Nothing can be more tranquil than having an exemplary metallic hued wall. To make it more intriguing, you can add framed photographs on it.

Harlequin – to Achieve a Vintage and Sophisticated Look:

This is a classic wall painting technique which instantly brings life to your old home. Either you choose it for your master bedroom or a kitchen, it has the potential to fascinate everyone. It also works amazingly fine for children’s rooms and nurseries.

You can choose colors with subtle contrasts for a more vintage and sophisticated look or go for higher contrasts in bold hues to get a vibrant and contemporary feel. To make the room more splendid with this wall pattern technique, it would be good to have a sleek set of tables with contrasting but limited color accessories and flower vase.

For new fabulous ideas, you can also trust painters and decorators services. Just make sure that you have hired only experienced and creative professionals.

Polka Dots – To add Pizzazz to your Interior without much Effort:

No one can deny that polka dot design is in itself riveting even after being the simple one. If you are not too much inclined to create an intricate design or pattern but looking for ideas to update your room, polka dots addition to your wall is the right answer. This technique is much easier to apply and a fantastic way to enhance your room’s attractiveness.

While they can do a great work of compelling your guests sitting in the drawing room, they can bring the essence of fun and color in the child’s room.

Color Wash – To add subtle Texture and Depth to Space:

It is a beautiful wall painting technique to produce a depth effect in the room. Plus, it is also one of the easiest techniques to apply. The desired effect is achieved by coating a layer with a satin base followed by nice glazing with a large brush.

No matter whether you opt for a neutral tone or vibrant-color-washed wall, you can rest assured that your room will be more dynamic than ever.

These wall painting ways will act as a refresher and transform the look of your space without adding any clutter or occupying any square footage. So, hire painters and decorators services for updating your space with aesthetics leanings and style sensibilities.

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