Top 6 Vanity Hardware Ideas to Add Style to the Bathroom

Once you are finished designing and putting together the bathroom, you hardly think there is anything more that can be done to make it look trendy later. After spending so much on cabinetry, tiles and lighting, the thought of adding some extra things brings with it the idea of more expenditure. But what if you could make your bathroom trendy with minimal changes and pocket-friendly expense? If you want to remodel your bathroom without making too many changes, we have put together a list of vanity hardware that will add style to the pre-existing design of your bathroom.

  • Ring-drop Pulls

You must have chosen the most suitable and spacious bathroom vanity cabinet but has it started to look a but mundane to you? You can add a very stylish quotient to it by changing the knobs with ring-drop pulls. These pulls will add another structure to the sleek and linear cabinet doors. Most of the elements that put together a bathroom are linear, like the mirror, the counter-tops and also the straight-edged tile designs. The ring-drop pulls give the impression about your personality that you are fond of door-knockers, which is always an advantage.

  • Glass Knobs

These are an inexpensive way of adding glamor and shine to your bathroom. You can color-coordinate the glass knobs with the mirror frame or the wall color. These add the perfect tinge of eccentricity to the bathroom. When shopping for the cabinetry, it will be profitable for you to opt for wholesale cabinet stores where you can easily get vanity cabinets which have glass knobs. However, the glass knobs require regular cleaning and might become slightly difficult to use with wet or soapy hands.

  • Bin Pulls

These are commonly seen in kitchens and offices, but choosing this for the bathroom is definitely not a bad idea at all. They add a rustic farmhouse charm to the bathroom and you might as well set the trend by installing these. They are super affordable and have a classic touch about them. It might surprise you that these can complement the bathroom vanity cabinets that have already chosen. If you want to add a very homely, warm and rustic charm to your bathroom, the bin pulls will be the most economical choice for you.

  • Cleats

These are an interesting add-on if you live near the beach or coastal region. Cleats are vanity pulls which are shaped like boat cleats, more specifically T-shaped handles which have ropes tied around them. These are obviously limited to geographical location of your house, but if you are one of those lucky few who enjoy the fresh sea-breeze or the breath-taking beach view, cleats are an amazing choice for your bathroom.

  • Cabinet-door Handle

You may have bought bathroom vanity cabinet which seemed perfect to you at the time but you want to change a few things about the look now. One of the most effective hardware items to replace are the cabinet-door handles. The handles can easily change the look of your bathroom from regular to classy with minimum expenditure. You can opt for the long and sleek rod-like handles because they look extremely elegant. You can go for a metallic option of a wooden one, depending on your taste.

  • Extend the Sink Vanity

Another useful and trendy way of adding style to your bathroom through vanity hardware items is by extending the sink vanity. You can add a customized vanity cabinet all the way to your bathtub. This will serve two integral functions, firstly, you can store some essential oils and bath salts right next to the tub and secondly, you can decorate the place with floral pops and artworks. You will be able to bring about a continuity and symmetry to the whole bathroom with this simple add-on.
Vanity hardware items can really add a stylish touch to your bathroom if you know how to use it tactically and economically. It is quite extraordinary to be able to do something so special with such minute detailing and leave a lasting impact of the bathroom.

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