Areas In Dubai With Outclass Apartments And A Sea View

When you think of Dubai, the first thing that comes into your mind is the luxurious lifestyle and stunning view of the vast coastline with awe-inspiring constructions. When it’s come to high end living Dubai has various options for you to choose from. Whether it be flats with a stunning sea view or a penthouse or villa with lush green gardens, Dubai is the place for you. Specifically, properties having sea view front are in high demand. Another reason for such high demand is matchless amenities and luxurious constructions. Let’s discuss the best areas of Dubai with sea-facing properties

  • Dubai Marina.

Emaar Properties is one of the most renowned property developers in the UAE and Dubai Marina is one of its landmark projects. Spreading over an area of 50 million square feet, this community of luxurious building offers a supreme and comfortable lifestyle for its residents.

Dubai Marina is very popular amongst the family for a number of reasons. There are famous schools, hospitals, daycare centers, community centers and pharmacies in close proximity. Besides that, there are gyms for gym enthusiasts, retail shops, community centers, a big swimming pool and a big luxurious mall in the surrounding.

At Dubai Marina, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can own or rent a villa, a penthouse, an apartment or a studio that suits your lifestyle and personality.  Average rental charges per annum amount to 40,000 AED and move up as you increase the room and facilities available with the apartment.


Palm Jumeirah is simply a masterpiece of construction set on the vast coastline of the Arabian Sea. It’s astonishing to see that Palm Jumeirah is designed like a palm tree and is famously insinuated as the eighth wonder of the world. It has the title of being the largest and the most luxurious island made my man on this earth. Owners and tenants here are entertained by various facilities and lush green gardens with cafes, restaurants, club, parks, community centers and retail shops in close proximity.

From the world island, it may seem that it may be cut from the main city area that is not true. This island is engulfed with world-class public transport infrastructure that makes it an important part of Dubai city. Palm Jumeirah offers everything for everyone. There is a gym for health-conscious people, eateries for food lovers and retail shops for shopaholics.  Here you can buy a studio apartment for rent starting from 60,000 AED and goes up to 75,000 AED depending per annum depending on the facilities it provides.


Another most demanded area of Dubai is Jumeirah. This community is popular for its low rise building fully furnished with all the top-class facilities and amenities. Another is in Jumeirah is solely dedicated to villas, where luxury meets a peaceful environment. Yes, Jumeirah is well suited for those who want to live outside the hustle-bustle of Dubai city.

There are a number of large scale supermarket shelved with every item of need there is. Some big names include Waitrose, Carrefour, and Spinneys. Its multicultural infrastructure with schools and hospitals nearby attract potential residents the most. You can find restaurants where different kinds of cuisine are served and community centers to attend events.

At Jumeirah apartment consists of up to 4 bedroom apartments and studios. Studios with 1 bedroom start from 60,000 AED per annum in rental charges. For 2 bedrooms the charges start from 75,000 per annum and 100,000 for 3 bedroom apartments.


Famous for its luxurious lifestyles and world-class amenities, residencies at Jumeirah Beach are an amazing community with sea view apartments. Most beach lovers are attracted to this place which consists of 35 buildings for residential purposes having top-class facilities.

JBR is well-known amongst both the residents and tourists because it is home to a lot of fun-filled activities involving the beach. One good example is Jet Ski; this place is one of the world’s best Jet Ski spots. So you are never bored once you step foot in JBR.

You can rent or own an apartment with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms or a studio. Another distinction of getting a house in JBR is that it has very spacious apartments and studios with sea view. Usually, one-bed apartment rental charges start from 70,000 AED per annum, for 2 bedroom apartment the rent starts from 90,000 AED per annum and 110,000 AED per annum for 3 bedroom apartment. If we talk about apartments and studios, tenants prefer studios over apartments.

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