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Bhakoot Gun Milan Test For Kundali Matching

Vedic astrology has been an important part of the Hindu culture for ages now, and people following Hindu religion believe in these principles for making important decisions. These decisions also includes selecting the life partner through free online Kundli matching, and you can get it done at mPanchang. Vedic astrology offers tools for making predictions about future events and helps the people so that they can take an intelligent and informed decision. 

Kundali Matching Importance

People in Hindu community strongly believe that a well-read astrologer is adept in making predictions about the various facets like marriage, career, health, relationships, and education, etc. of life. The expert astrologer matches the janam Kundli before the marriage, and it is considered as an essential practice. Compatibility between the prospective bride and groom is checked thoroughly because it is a matter of the entire life. This process is described as Kundali Milan and is performed through the matching of the Gunas after an analysis. This Guna Milan test is further divided into eight different tests, and these tests reveal a specific number of points. Post this, a composite score is calculated for the prospective match.

Kundali Milan process

It is widely believed that if the composite score of the gunas is less than 18, then there is very less compatibility between the couple.18 to 24 is considered to be an average score but is acceptable. The score of 25 to 32 is considered to be very good, and anything above 32 is the symbol of an excellent compatibility, and it depicts that both bride & groom have the similar nature and their personalities are the same.

Though the score of 32 and above is an indicator that the couple is a great match, but at the same time, other factors should also be checked to ensure the long term viability of the relationship as it is believed that identical personality traits are also not good.

Bhakoot Test

It is also termed as Rashikoot test, and it is conducted to determine and ensure the health, welfare, and prosperity aspects of the family before the couple ties the knot. The basis of this koot is the way Moon is placed in the zodiac signs or the Janam Rashis. It is also believed that if the couple has a Bhakoot dosh then it can have negative repercussions on the life of the prospective bride and groom and can also signal that childbirth may be delayed. The Bhakoot Gun Milan test in Kundali matching is allocated a maximum score of 7, and therefore it is called as the 2nd most critical test which increases the anxiety levels of the couple. The basis of Bhakoot dosha is the difference from the bride’s Rashi to the Groom’s Rashi and vice versa.

There are various permutation & combination of the distance between the Rashi’s, and they are as follows: – 1/1, 6/8, 1/7, 5/9, 3/11, 2/12, 4/10.

These permutations and combinations are further divided into below-mentioned groups:-

  1. Inauspicious (Dushta or Demon Bhakoot) – 2/12, 6/8 & 5/9.
  2. Auspicious (Sad Bhakoot):- 1/7, 1/1, 3/11, 4/10.

Now if the combination is 1/1, 4/10, 3/11 or 1/7, then 7 points are allocated. However, if the combination is 2/12, 5/9 or 6/8, then Bhakoot dosha is formed, and no points are given.

Bhakoot Koota is also termed as Rashi Gana and is the 2nd last test in the Kundali Milan process. It is considered to be helpful in the assessment of the wealth and health aspects of the prospective couple. As per the Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, and they are considered for Kundali Milan under Bhakoot dosha. In the matching process, Points are given based on the zodiac signs of the groom and the bride. 

The most appropriate and auspicious match in the Kundali Milan process is there when both the bride and groom belong to same/different signs, but the ruling planet is the same. It is the symbol of high compatibility. However, there are some cases where the score is zero, and that is when Bhakoot dosha is said to be present. It is considered to be highly unfavourable because it can cause substantial health problems (Shadashtak Bhakoot Dosha), complications of pregnancy (Nav Pancham Bhakoot Dosha), and financial turbulence (Dwi Dwadash Bhakoot Dosha). If the partners face the issues related to finance or career, then they may be forced to get separated or divorced.

However, Bhakoot Dosha can be nullified or ignored by the astrologers if the Lord of the Rashis of prospective partners is similar or these lords are mutual friends and if the Navamsa of the prospective bride and groom is friendly.

If the bhakoot score is high, then it is the symbol of a great match, which is helpful for the people. It enables them to avoid financial, health, and conception related issues in their married life. A poor score, on the other hand, can make these problems erupt.      

It is not easy to perform Bhakoot Guna milan in Kundali matching and it requires a highly experienced astrologer with great knowledge. To find if your Kundali matching points out Bhakoot Dosha and calculate your Bhakoot Guna milan in Kundali matching use our online calculator. 


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