Jewelry Pieces for woman

3 Timeless Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have In Their Wardrobe

You spend so much time deciding on the perfect outfit to wear on special days, but it just takes one small mistake to make you look fashion disaster!

The struggle of picking the right clothes and the right accessories is real! If you have the tendency to pick from the day to day basis from your wardrobe or even if you experiment with your looks- wearing the right jewelry pieces can instantly complement your look.

Even a simple Jewelry piece can amp up any boring look to a fashionista-like getup. It just puts an extra element to the plain and neutral outfits. 

But, knowing the right way to style them is an art, as the great Coco Chanel said, “Take one accessory off before you leave the house.” After all, you don’t want to look like a walking jewelry store. Right? 

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So, we have come across three classic pieces of accessories that never go out of fashion and surely make head turns wherever you go! Grab your favorite snack and delve into looking the timeless jewelry pieces:

Pearl Earrings

As classy as diamond earrings, it’s worth to have diversity in your day to day earring choice. Pearl wore as earrings or stud makes an iconic style statement. From red carpet looks to popular fashionistas- Pearl earrings add an interesting element to your ordinary outfit.

You can wear pearl studs under a shirt for a more sophisticated look or pair hoop earrings with a dress to look classy and polished.

It depends on you what kind of style you have. The best thing is- if you are on a budget, pearls make a statement piece and make you stand out.


Rings are one of the most classic pieces of jewelry you surely have in your wardrobe at the moment. It is the most minimal accessory still looks the epitome of elegance and good taste. Rings especially go well with women who are not much of a bracelet person.

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If you don’t like over-the-top things and want something antique, there are a variety of rings available. You can pick gold rings, diamond rings, special gemstone rings that you can wear both on regular basis and on special occasions.  A single diamond ring looks glamorous and elegant in its own way. It just shows your personal style and uniqueness, and the exclusivity of this timeless piece will turn all heads on you.

A Pendant Necklace

Necklaces are an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry that goes with dresses, denim, skirts, maxi dresses- you name it. Consider buying one with a thin chain that hangs a lovely pendant. Pick the chain color that compliments your skin complexion. 

Pick your favorite pendant shape and style like letter engraved style, diamonds, pearl. You can even layer multiple necklaces under deep neckline dresses to a more chiseled and elongated look. You can also add a few minimalistic rings or a bracelet that contrast and complement your outfit.

A pendant necklace adds some sparkle to your everyday look and is something that makes a good investment to add in your jewelry wardrobe.

Whatever the occasion, make sure you absolutely love the jewelry pieces and flaunt your own personal style with them. Whether it’s simple or blingy, just be sure never to overdo it and be confident as it’s the best accessory that goes with everything!

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